Thursday, January 28, 2010

Monday Morning Munchies #1

Write a paragraph about winter from a bird's eye view. Remember to post your paragraph in the comments.


  1. My spiny talons shave the skin of the branch as I scan the blanket of fluff below me; shards flutter into the dense air. The chill at the end of my beak warms as I tuck it just so beneath my wing and pluck at a feather. The timid pitter-patter of paws draws me out of myself, into the wilderness. There, though blending in the cold powder with supreme talent, it's movements are too jerky for my keen eyes. I lean my solid body forward and plummet off the brittle branch, ready to catch my next meal.

  2. I am a crow sitting on a wire
    I am a cardinal
    blood red against the snow
    I am a chickadee
    flitting from branch to branch
    I am a pilliated wood-pecker
    I am a hawk
    looking for my next meal
    I am a seagull
    haunting the parking lot
    I am the robin
    waiting for spring
    to come home


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