Friday, February 12, 2010

The Good Pothole

I'm not a believer in the whole writer's block concept. If you can put three words together, you've got a sentence. Viola! You wrote something. I prefer to call it a creative pothole: curtain drops down, blackening out ideas. What I find is if I focus more on the empty void draped in front of me, I robe its chance to serve its purpose. 

In those blank canvas moments something is happening. I may not realize it at the time, but there is. Maybe it's my mind's way of saying I need to step away so I can see more clearly. Not sure. But I always find--rarely will you find me saying always or never--a rebirth to my writing after a pothole. Sometimes it's a full-blown epiphany, and other times it's the smallest ingredient I was searching for that makes the difference. 

The point is this: I took the time to listen and wait. Sometimes it feels like I'm waiting at a red light that just won't turn green; but that's okay. Giving myself permission is a must. It goes along with the editing process I explained yesterday. Let the dust settle and then make your move. Today, don't focus on the pothole and it will fill itself.

Happy writing. 

Oh, and a public congrats to Kiersten White who just received her official ISBN. Way cool! I wonder what my number will be???

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  1. I think of writer's block as a dead end sign. It means I need to back up and go down another road, maybe take the fork I passed a few minutes ago or maybe I have to go all the way back to the crossroads and turn left. Whatever it is I know that I'll find the right way as long as I keep looking.


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