Sunday, February 14, 2010

The Next Who-Ha in the Land

Seeing how it's Sunday and Valentine's Day, I figured it was time to have a little heart to heart and tell you a tad more about myself.

Former dancer and dental assistant, I am the feisty mother of four children, and I'm married to the best friend ever; I think he's pretty cool, anyway. I decided to finally start this writing blog due to the encouragement of family and friends who seem to believe in my work more than I have. It's great to have awesome people in my life. And they were right.

I was getting tried of saying I wanted to be a writer--the next incredible Who-Ha in the land. It was time to act. So I took a few classes, branching out of my mommy comfort zone, and entered a few writing contests--from one of which I was awarded an Honorable Mention. I've been reading and writing nonstop since. I even veered way outside myself and started sharing my work with another Maine writer who's been sharing her work with me. We've recently built a private critique group site that will go public next week.

So now, on as daily-of-a-basis as I can, I offer any wisdom I've gathered from my experience. To anyone who's chosen to follow me, thank you, and to those who choose to follow me in the future thanks for joining me on this journey. I know it's going to be incredible.

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