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Guide to Literary Agents - 7 Things I've Learned So Far, by James Dashner

Guide to Literary Agents - 7 Things I've Learned So Far, by James Dashner

This is great regardless of my additions, but as my lips rarely stop moving I do have something to add. *Brow folding, eyes squinting, hoping you'll keep reading.*

I encourage you to click on and read his entire interview but I'm highlight just his main points in bold & italics. My gibberish is the less flashy lettering.

1. Not every agent is right for you.
Kind of like not every ice cream gives back like dark, chocolate rippled fudge. (Did I just give something away?)

2. Networking is key.
Yup, just like high school. Good thing I write YA. ";-)

3. Differentiate your characters.
I.E., that would be different from high school. Yeah, I know there where clusters of groupies--jocks, beauty queens, nerds, ruffians--but basically the community looked at us and saw pale youth, dull in wisdom and lacking experience. Work up your characters, peeps!!

4. Immerse your reader in the story with depth.
Drama, drama, drama...but subtlety. Don't overpower or in your face like that kid in high school who stole into your space every time he/she spoke to you. *Cringe*

5. Don't make your hero or villian two-dimensional.
You remember the kid in high school who was quiet which made him/her seem weird. We all knew something was bubbling inside that kid, but were too self-interested to explore. Explore.

6. Set goals and work to achieve them.
This one is no joke for me. I've already blogged several times on goal-building. Just do it. Think about those kids in high school who skipped the party to study or workout. They already were developing this skill back then. Where are they now? Give it some thought. James Dashner has hit this one on the head.

7. It's all about the story.
Isn't it always. What was better in high school than the latest gossip? The complex truth underlining that gossip.

Hope you enjoyed my addendums and I give full credit to James Dashner for his collective thoughts and sharing them with us.

Peace out, peeps!

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  1. excellent advice no matter what you're writing - thanks:)


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