Wednesday, March 3, 2010

M3: Finale

Congrats. We're almost there. As yesterday, copy & paste your results into the top of your comment today. That's your starting point.

Step #2: swap job descriptions between characters, keeping everything else the same.

Step #3: looking at your revised list, swap gender only.

Step #4: now, swap the ages creating totally new characters.

What wacky and eclectic characters have you come up with? Thanks for partaking in this exercise. :D


  1. Haha! This is certainly a wacky turnout! But I had a lot of fun doing it. -

    Tyson Ayers – Bagger (Female) – Daughter of Kevin/Mary. Plans to take over the auto repair shop and is working because her father wants him to learn the value of the dollar/help save for his college education. Her father decided she would major in business.
    Wears well-ironed pants, button up pinstriped shirts and always wears a belt. Blue eyes, pale skin, black, well-groomed hair. To school she wears shiny black shoes and to work she wears sneakers.
    Age: 18

    Kevin Floyd – Unemployed (Female) – Mother of four kids, married, loves to read, knit, cook and eat popcorn. Her dream was to be a professional horseback rider but when she had her first kid she abandoned the dream. She has a tattoo of a rose on the right side of her neck. Has many freckles.
    Age: 37

    Chris Floyd – Unemployed (Female) – Daughter of a single mother and has a nine year old sister. Likes a good slice of pizza and pretzels. Spends her time either hanging out with friends or alone in her room. She loves her family but is not an extremely affectionate person. Loves painting and is a good singer but hates performing in public.
    Wears clean jeans and solid colored t-shirts, never wears jewelry, slightly tanned skin, brown eyes and sandy-colored hair that slightly spikes in the front. Loves loaded burgers and salt and vinegar Pringles.
    Age: 17

    Mary Floyd – Unemployed (Male) – Kevin’s husband, has two kids, has short blonde hair and a fit body due to weekly trips to the gym. Loves French fries but hasn’t had any in years.
    White pants and a blue, frilly blouse with sunglasses and a floppy hat w/ heels. Bright blue eyes and very white teeth.
    Age: 36

    Viola Thorton – Auto repair shop owner (Male) – Married, has an 18 year old son and a 15 year old daughter. Takes pride in his shop and his children, owns a nice home due to the money his deceased father left him. Low tolerance level and likes steak. Is a fairly good golf player.
    Wears jeans with a white polo and loves his Red Sox baseball hat. On a regular basis he wears his black sneakers.

    Brown, long and wavy hair, brown eyes. Frayed shorts and a cute t-shirt w/ flip flops. Likes clothes in Forever XXI but only buys things on sale.
    Age: 33

    Eveline Gabriel – Supermarket manager (Male) – Single, lives in a single-person apartment and his best friend is his German Shepard. He decided to go back to school so he can become a lawyer and is working at the supermarket to pay for his education. He likes reading science fiction and secretly loves opera.
    Wears worn jeans and sweaters/t-shirts or overalls. Typically has his hair in chopsticks and wears only sneakers.
    Age: 42

  2. Gema Thayer – bully at school (male): Divorced single woman who lives with her two cats, Rock and Roll, and likes Cheeze-its.
    Wears chunky white clogs, torn jeans, loose fitting blouses and always a hat. She has carrot-colored hair, faint green eyes, and very pale skin.
    Age: 18.

    Randy Homer – local doctor (female) : hates dad's military take on life, plays guitar and writes poetry.
    Wears a nose ring, dark colored clothes, combat boots and a large cross around his neck. He has black hair, cut scraggly, and thick sideburns. His eyes are green.
    Age: 16

    Maranda Cormier – sheriff’s child (male): is totally in love with Randy, takes ballet lessons, paints, and lives with her grandma, Betty.
    Wears short skirts, flat shoes, long button-up shirts with cami's underneath and always has her purse with a camera in it. Her hair is curly dirty blonde and hangs to her shoulders. Her eyes are coffee colored and her skin is light with freckles.
    Age: 17

    Jordan Sparro – nurse (female): crushes cans on his head, hates math class, has a younger sister who everybody thinks is pretty, but has a secret insecurity--he's afraid of the dark.
    Wears his rugby shirt every day, jeans, new sneakers--have to be new--and a leather bracelet his late mother gave him. His hair is coiled to his head and it's russet in color, while his eyes are a deep chocolate brown. His shoulders are broad and he has big hands.
    Age: 31

    Spud Hawk – Randy’s friend (male): is hiding from real family because her gruffly uncle came onto her and she's afraid to tell.
    Wears whatever she can find at a thrift shop, mostly vintage clothes, long pearls, knitted hat to help her hide. Her hair is straight and brown, eyes light brown and she has a scar on her top lip.
    Age: 42

    Neil McCormick - runaway (female): just finished his internship and rents a room in Betty's, Maranda's grandma--house.
    Likes casual clothes and a baseball cap when not a work. Rock tee shirts hanging over his baggy jeans and moccasins. His sunglasses are usually perched atop his head of golden hair. His eyes are blue. He's tall and thin.
    Age: 16

    There you have mine. I hope we can see that some probably would be feasible, but it gets us thinking. That's what it was for. Nice.


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