Friday, March 19, 2010

Terms To Live By

Hello Friday!! Yet another. You seem to creep up faster and faster every week. But this Friday is special. Well, for me at least. Heading out, packing the family for yet another hockey weekend. Packing for six is a load and it should come with abbreviations and special terms. (Actually, it'd be a ton easier if someone else just did it for me: packing, thinking, & remembering. Or better yet, wash the gargantuan loads of laundry I'll have when we get back.) *Sigh, sigh.*

So here's a snippet of the terms that have been rattling inside my head all week long:
Shirts, jeans, PJ's, toothbrushes, toothpaste, socks/underwear, combs, brushes, makeup, hair gel, sweaters, bathing suits, keys, money...oh, you get the picture. Helps keep my head from rotating right off my shoulders. *Smile.*

In my travels surfing cyberspace I've crossed a few different lists. One in particular I feel is important is a list of terms every writer should now. Here's a wonderful link with 33 of those terms. You've got POV, MG, DL, and many more. Pretty cool!! 

Do you have any terms to add to the list? Share, share.... 

You can copy my packing list for future reference if needed. ";-)  

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  1. Yeah I have a few.
    ....I could go on, but they're no super appropriate.


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