Thursday, June 10, 2010


I've adopted today as Tags & Tips Day. I'll be using Thursdays, whenever I can to share great contests and giveaways, even if they're already residing in my sidebar. I have three today.
Ramblings of a Wannabe Scribe
(totally kiffed this photo from you, Shannon.)
Shannon has THE BODY FINDER by Kimberly Derting (signed) to give away!! But wait, that's not all. Not only will the lucky winner get the book signed by the author but also a signed poster, a totebag, a bookmark, a sticker, and a bracelet. Can you give me a whoo-whoo-yah!! *arm pumping, cheerleader happy fingers in the air* (good grief) Make sure you ENTER by June 12th.
Laura Fitzgerald 
(using Laura's photo, too.)
Laura is celebrating the move of her blog and wants to include all of you. She has a mountain of YA books to give  away to one lucky winner. The prize pack contains a mix of both hardcovers and ARC's.  There is something for everyone in this prize pack; from paranormal romance to contemporary to dystopian. Go celebrate with her. ";-) Hurry to ENTER by June 18th.
Angela Ackerman
Angela is pumped up about her 800/200,000 CONTEST! Incredible numbers, huh? 800 is for followers and 200,000 is for page views. Wild. She's offering: 2 First Page Critiques (approx 250 words) Analysis of your hook, introduction of characters, setting and events; 2 Five Page In line Critiques (approx 1250 words) Comb of your first 5; 2 Mystery Prizes; and 2 Full Manuscript Critiques. (max WC 100,000). ENTER by June 16th.

Click on each link for more exact details.

Now can you pass any of these up? 'Course not. quick. stop looking at me. GO!

c u on the flip side, peeps!! ~~Sher~~ OUT!


  1. Thanks for the contest round-up! There are such great prizes awaiting some lucky winner on many terrific blogs! Don't forget ours starts today ;) I'm only sad Martina and I can't enter!

    Thanks S.A. :)

  2. Sweet! Thanks for the info!


  3. Thanks for the linkage! :)


  4. Thanks for the reminders and the links, Sherry! You rock! :-)

  5. yay awesome links! thanks for the heads up!!

  6. Sweet! Thanks for the links. =)

  7. Hey there! I just entered Angela Ackerman's contest. Thanks for the info!

    I'm hosting a contest of my own to celebrate my...drum roll, please...20th Follower! I know, I know. It's miniscule compared to the number of followers most bloggers celebrate with contests, but it should be interesting and I've got some prizes. Contest is for funniest/goofiest/craziest LOVE SCENE in 200 words or less.

    $20 iTunes gift card (or comparable) to winner; choice of book (listed on my blog) to 2nd place.

    Would you mind spreading the word??

    Great post, and awesome site! We're friends on YALITCHAT and facebook, but I just signed up as a follower on here too.

    Oh! And I've got an interview coming up with Georgia McBride. That will be later this upcoming week, though.

    Take care!


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