Friday, July 23, 2010

Precious Research

I've been keeping a secret from you guys. I've been busting at the seams to tell you, but I had to wait until today. Hopefully, the next major thing to excite me will have to do with my writing career but this does not.

Scroll on....

Guess where I'm going today and will be tomorrow and Sunday??? Guess. Pwweeasss.......

Okay, okay. I'm reliving the past, making new memories, and semi impersonating Thelma & Louise for the next three days. Except there's four of us, not two. Hmmm....we'll have to come up with homie names and not the ones we used in high school.

No. I'm not telling you what mine was back in the day when big hair and lip gloss coated everything...everything.

Ready for the unveiling????

I'm going to see BON JOVI in concert in Foxboro, MA with three of my old high school girlfriends!!!

Can you say, DANGEROUS!
OMGosh...we are going to have so much fun. 

However, me being moi, I'm looking at this as more of a smörgåsbord, a grade-A Research Event. Picture the stuff I'm going to hear, see.... 'K, don't do that. Visuals are probably not good at this time.

But, I'm going to miss you guys. My laptop has already been rudely extracted from my person. The ladies have forbidden me from working. Ugg. *gnawing the end of a fingernail and I'm not even a nail biter* Dudes, I can't not work! (yeah, double sue me.) I think I'm going to breakdown. I've nervous. I am, however, sneaking in a few notebooks to 'journal our adventure', as I've told the ladies. They want me to write a paper on it, get it published, and maybe even turn it into a weekend chick flick story. I think they see it as some silver screen phenomenon about a group of high school girls, who get back together after 20 years and have a hell of a time. (Can you say Sex in the City?) Hee....dreaming.

I heart my friends. ";-) And I heart all of you. Thank you for your love and support, and for gosh sakes pray that I don't get trampled in the crowd. Apparently we are in 'sweat range' of the band. * heart just fluttered again. I'm regressing back to a seventeen year old. Woot!! Bring it on.

A special shout-out goes to the hubs, whose staying home with the 4 humaniods. I love you.

Enjoy your weekend, and please take a gander over to the Impetus Room. Gather your thoughts and goals for next week and share them with me. I already have. 

~Love out~


  1. Have fun! I'm sure you'll hear lots to help with your YA writing.

  2. hope you have a wicked good time and I'm glad your friends have pried your laptap out of your fingers - remember what I said about taking a breather now and again and just immerse yourself in the experience. You can write about it when you get back. Enjoy!

  3. I saw them last week in concert. YOU'RE GOING TO LOOOOOOVE THEM!!!! :D

  4. You're so cute! I love those guys (not as much as New Med or Bert, but you know)...Have fun! Take pics!!!

  5. You are hilarious! Enjoy.

    BTW at first I thought you said "sweet range". That would have been wicked pissah!

  6. Wow! You are going to have SOOOOOOOO much fun!! Live it up, girl. See you when you (or I) get back. :-)

  7. So jealous! Love that you're going with your girlfriends--have an awesome time!

  8. Ooh! Have fun! But don't drive off a cliff or anything, all right?

  9. Ooh, I love Bon Jovi!!! Have fun for all of us!!!

  10. I am going to see Lady Gaga on Monday and I am stoked, too! Have fun!

  11. I'm SOOOOOO JEALOUS!!! I've seen a ton of concerts, but Bon Jovi is one I've always somehow missed. And they are in my top five of favorite all-time groups!!!


  12. Oh, you are going to have so much fun! I so think you should write it up as an essay!

  13. I love Bon Jovi. Hope you have a super time.

  14. What! I'm so jealous. You could put some music up here so we can at least close our eyes and imagine we are there with you :-D


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