Wednesday, August 4, 2010


At my source I'm a Dancer...forever and always. From the moment the first note of music taps my eardrums, I change, morph into someone, something different. I hear nothing else but my essence swimming inside me. I feel only the river of the melody. I see no one in the audience but lights.

My hubs says to me often, 'I love watching you dance, because you are you when you worries about what others think.'

I want to write like that, my essence captured in my prose like the sound between my taps and the worn wooden floor. I want my thoughts, stories to sway with the grace I carry while on my toe shoes, wings of the butterfly pictured in my head. The contortions of my torso as the music strikes my chest; streams of energy bellowing at me from the audience, their stares fixated on me, my passion. dance. writing...

A simple, yet beautiful and unexpected email came to me yesterday from a wonderful writer I am blessed to call my friend. Thank you, LM. Her words encapsulated my feelings, my current struggle with writing. She understands. Like most of you.

Only writing seriously for two years, I've admitted may times that I'm a newbie. I've never had writer's block. I don't believe in writer's block. As I stated in my POST the other day, I am where I am suppose to be. Struggling--yes. Growing--yes. And so are all of you. I've gritted my teeth and made a continue. Through incredible friends like LM, AE, C, and others, I want to pass this on to whoever can use it. Positive energy does wonders, Alleywalkers. Here, taste...

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Splat: I know I said I'd post my journaling over my Bon Jovi weekend, and I a few weeks. The post is completed but so many of our fellow bloggers are on vacation that I don't want them to miss it. So please, stay's really funny. At least I think so. Peace out! <3


  1. Love that Christina song! Stay motivated. We can all identify and we're in the fight together, if that helps! :)


  2. Thanks for the inspiration. I've been writing for many years, but still feel like a newbie. And like you I'm struggling at times and frustrated with the struggles. But I'm going to continue on.

  3. Rock on! Like you, I'm a newbie, so I cherish everything I learn, every person I meet, and every small thing along the way. ;-)


  4. I wish I could dance like you but I suspect that no matter how much I practice it won't happen. However, I do believe that with practice you can reach your goal of writing like you dance. In fact, you did it in the paragraph beginning 'I want to...' Whatever you were doing when you wrote that, tap into it again; it was beautiful.

    ps creepy dark cool video

  5. I love, LOVE C.A., and that song is perfect for writers.

    Keep fighting...just keep swimming.


  6. Awwww thanks! Also, I LOVE that your hubby said that to you--so special!

  7. That song is perfect. This was a great post, I don't know when we stop feeling like newbies.

  8. @Adventures ICP - it always helps to know we're not alone. That's why I wrote this.

    @Renae - thank you. Thinking about it now, I guess it would be healthy to always think about myself as a newbie. Keeps me on my pun.

    @Marcy - Thanks for noticing.

  9. Dude, I use to sing that song with my band. Right now, I'm totally singing it to you. You are a fighter and a helluva lot stronger than you ever give yourself credit for.

  10. Hold on to that fighting spirit. You'll need it even after your book comes out and you start to promote it while working on your next project. We writers are made of strong string. Sometimes we bend, sometimes we're pulled but we don't break. Keep it moving girlie :-D

  11. Such a tough business! Only the strongest with a serious case of perseverance will make it, I think (or the incredibly lucky, I suppose, too). But it sounds like you have that by the ton. Love the inspirational words! Thanks for passing on your drive and tenacity!

  12. Love this song! It definitely makes me feel like taking on the world. You're so right that writers need that determination.

  13. beautiful post, Sher! it sounds to me like your words are flowing like dance -- with grace and ease and beauty. keep up the good work!


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