Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Supporting The Writing Show & ARC Alert!

Over the past month or so, I've mentioned briefly that I've been working on my synopsis with an amazing writer. Well, we've finally finished. It was all do to Jess over on The Alliterative Allomorph blog and the contest she had a few months back. Through that contest, I was introduced to the fantastical Paula B. of The Writing Show.
If you don't know, but The Writing Show is a resource for writers with endless information, editing services, and guidance that will not only gain you writing skills but also writing confidence. That was what it did for me.

I'm planning on writing a series about my synopsis experience with Paula, how she helped me breakdown my intricate plot and subplots, and compose a concise summary of my story. We were even able to sprinkle it with some heart. I cannot tell you how wonderful she was to work with. Seriously, I would have given up on me after our third email exchange when I sent her two more versions of my synopsis and she emailed me back saying, "Um...I'm confused."

Can't blame her. I was clueless how to shave all the decorations and scene building blah weaved throughout my main plot to expose the bones of the story. I know it sounds ridiculous, but I was struggling. Anyhow, this is about The Writing Show and not my synopsis. Like I mentioned, I'll write that series soon and share it with you.

Today, I'm here to ask you to support The Writing Show. Jess is having an amazing contest to aid in financially supporting the show. This is a wonderful cause. Please take a quick gander over there and check out her CONTEST. Paula, and those she works with, truly deserve it.

Thank you.

Now for an amazing GIVEAWAY. When I heard about this, I just had to send out some MAJOR love for Shannon Whitney Messenger over on Ramblings of a Wannabe Scribe. She's having an amazing 5 ARC book giveaway...just for starters, to celebrate her epic achievement of reaching over 1,000 blogging buddies.


So here's what's up for grabs:

You've got to take a visit to her blog now, don't you??


  1. Thanks. I'll check out her site. Can't wait to hear about your experiences.

  2. We're excited to hear what you learned from Paula B. and equally thrilled about Shannon's awesome ARC contest! And no, you're not being ridiculous to say you struggled with the synopsis. I think if someone said it was a breeze, I'd be scratching my head!


  3. Thanks so much for this plug, sweetheart! I really appreciate it! I'm sure Paula will be thrilled too! I'll email her the link to this post (if you haven't done so already!) xx

  4. Crap. I meant to mention this in today's post, too. Ehh, tomorrow. (as brain nears explosion)

  5. Hi Sheri,
    Having help in the writing process is invaluable. I found writing the synopsis so very difficult! I had help too, from an amazing writer/editor; I'm sure I owe her my next child!

    Heading over to check out the contest now. Thanks!

  6. wow, sounds like a great experience! Congrats on finishing the dreaded synopsis and Shannon's contest is out of this world. Thanks for reminding me- I still haven't blogged about it! lol.

  7. Thanks for sharing! It sounds like a great site, and I will be sure to check it out!

  8. OOh looking forward to hearing more how you broke through the evil synopsis! And I'm glad it got you pumped up!

  9. I heard about Jessica's contest on her blog - sounds amazing, and Paula B sounds inspiring! Thanks for letting me know about Shannon's contest!

  10. I've never heard of the Writing Show! Thanks much, I'll check it out. And I'll buzz over to Shannon's blog, too. Great job on your synopsis! That's quite a hurdle.

  11. AHHH! That looks awesome! I'll have to check it out! =)

  12. Summarizing any body of work is tough; but, me being me, I wrote a rather intricate plot line that threads in and out of a ton of sub plots. I could not see the forest through the trees.

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