Saturday, September 18, 2010


Have you ever heard of Angela over on The Bookshelf Muse?? If you haven't, man are you missing out. She's wonderful! Her blog is an amazing resource for writers. She's one of the first bloggers I met when I launched my blog, but newbie me lost track of her and just reconnected with her two months ago. Well, she just hit 1000 followers. Yeah, you read that correctly. 1000!!!
Look at what she's offering!!

General Drawing:

5-First Page critiques
2-First Chapter critiques

Special Drawing Challenge

It's simple: SPREAD THE WORD about this contest! If you do, I will include you in a special drawing for a three month mentorship with me.

What the mentorship will entail:

--A three month partnership where I will help you in any manner I can toward stronger writing, publication, increasing your online platform and helping you with agenting questions/search

--I will help you build or improve your query (if needed)

--A full read of your manuscript, offering advice on improvements and helping to brainstorm solutions if desired.

--An in depth look at your web presence and suggestions to hone your blog, increase followings and make suggestions with other social media to strengthen your online exposure

--Emails to answer any questions you have about writing, blogging, getting an agent, leaving an agent or how the agent relationship works

--General support! 

So, do you need a mentor, someone to bounce ideas around with, brainstorm solutions, ask questions about writing or platforms? I may not be 'book published' yet, but I've been around and have picked up a few things. :) I also have the good fortune of being agented by Jill Corcoran of The Herman Agency, and have written over 1200 critiques for other writers, helping them strengthen their writing. Maybe I can help you, too.   
(The above was taken from TBSM blog) 

Is Angela awesome or what???
You can't resist. Take a gander and visit The Bookshelf Muse! and enter!

Have you heard of Iggi & Gabi and the awesome university Gabi has going on there??

Classes, like workshops, are being offered (FREE) for the entire month of September. I've had this info linked in my sidebar for the past two weeks, but it's not too late to join. Go check it out. You can still partake,  and then backtrack by checking the achieves.

Gabi covers character development, plotting & outlining, building a reading list, to mind mapping & more.

And hey, she's invited me to do a guest student post in a couple weeks, summarizing my experience. YAY!! I'm excited, but nervous. I hope you all will visit me there when I post it.
I will let you know!!


  1. Thanks for sharing! I follow both of these folks, and they're definitely awesome. Good luck with your guest post, I'll keep an eye out for it!

  2. Thanks for the new blogs!! I'll check them out!!

  3. Angela's blog is amazing! (So is her blog celebration/prize!) I'm not familiar with I & G...I'll have to check them out. :) Thanks for the link.


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