Thursday, September 16, 2010

Teens Want to Read WHAT?

Today we have Episode #3 in our segment: Q & A with a YA, hosted by Jacob Milhouse.
Welcome Jacob. Take it away.

First, I want to thank everyone who participated! If you have any more questions feel free to post below or contact either ME or Sheri directly. Keep the questions coming! Here to help! Oh, and to my fellow YA’s, if you want to answer the questions as well, also contact either me or Sheri. Alrighty, let’s begin!

Question 1 comes from Kittie Howard and Dianna K. Salerni:  Who's driving the YA market, the teens or the authors? Is it the publishers? Is the market driven by what teens want to read, what authors want to write, or what publishers think teens want to read?

Great question! I wish I could give a definite answer, but it's one of those things that's a system, you know? We all work together to make this industry thrive. I don't even need to explain how this system works, because, as writers, you know just as well as I do. We all have an invaluable part to play. The important thing as a writer is to write what you enjoy, what makes you uncomfortable, what makes you cry, what makes you laugh. Hell, I started writing because I couldn't find books that I liked. I wanted to cater to YA's like myself who want that perfect combination of adult and YA. Hopefully, a publisher will take that work and deliver it to the readers who will appreciate it.

Question 2 is brought to us from CandylandWhat are teens actually reading these days as opposed to what YA authors are writing?

Our tastes are really rather eclectic. Personally, I’m very into horrors, thrillers, and mysteries. If it has a supernatural spin on it as well, I’ll definitely read. I would also read—or try to read—what my friend’s recommend to me. We make it a habit to exchange good books with one another. I actually venture into “adult” books because YA books are dealing with a major trend: girl meets (insert creature title) boy, girl likes boy, boy hates girl, girl still pursues, boy admits he likes girl, but could hurt her…you catch my drift. I prefer books with more assertive characters, less “I love you” and “save me.” A little action never hurt either. This is really lacking these days. Where are the strong-willed characters?!  

Hope this segment of Q & A has been helpful. See you next week!

ALERT: We have an Alleyway Splatter

Well folks, yesterday was the official launch of my first blogfest!! I want to thank all the participants and those who visited, commenting and encouraging our writing community to grow. So cool! For those who missed it, I've linked it HERE as well as linked two of my most awesomemostest blogging buds and amazing writers who--due to circumstances beyond their control--could not post their article yesterday. That's Write (code name Leigh) & The Q.Q.Q.E (code name Matt). Give them some love and visit them today, instead. Would'ya???


  1. There are good points here. The YA audience isn't cohesive. I remember (way back when), when I was a teenager. My tastes were all over the place - I just wanted to read everything. Now I'm more selective.

  2. I really enjoyed the blogfest yesterday. It was a great idea! I'll certainly be stopping by the jet laggers! ;o)

  3. What a great post! Thanks Sheri. And thanks for the shout out and linkage, sorry for my tardiness!

  4. Jacob, what you had to say about what/how you read was really compelling! Thank you!

  5. Tsk tsk. Tardiness is much appreciated in Candyland. Great blog fest:)

  6. Jacob, Great answers! And very astute observations. I can see you've got a future in the business because you've got voice and a keen eye for what's out there in terms of both readers and books.

  7. Those were such great answers. Gives me a lot to think about. =)

  8. Great stuff, Sheri! And thanks, Jacob! I look forward to reading what YOU write later~ :o)


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