Thursday, September 9, 2010

YA Questions Answered

Last Wednesday, we launched Writers' Ally's latest endeavor: Q & A with a YA! I say 'we' because I have my regular guest blogger and aspiring YA teen writer, Jacob Milhouse, strutting his teen views and opinions all along the Alleyway.

Let's hear a warm welcome for Jacob! *many thanks*

We were so pleased with the number of you who left questions. Jacob collected the questions and has chosen one to answer this week. I know we'd indicated that you would have answers to your questions last Thursday. But Jacob and I got our lions crossed, forgetting that he'd be in school the next day. *slap myself in the forehead*

Question 1 comes from Natalie Aguirre who asked this: How much do you think teens check out author blogs, websites & Facebook? Is there a way we can get them to interact with us more?

Answer: I think teens check out author social sites regularly. Overwhelmingly so, maybe not, but enough to fill us in on what their work is about or what they’re currently working on. Contests and book giveaways always get me interested in returning to the different sites. That’s actually how I found out about Lisa McMann’s WAKE trilogy. Purchased both books right after and the next as soon as it was available.

Thanks, Jacob!

Please don't forget to leave more questions in the comment section. Jacob will continue to collect them as they come in and answer them weekly. On occasion, we'll have other teen bloggers join us. Thanks, Alleywalkers, for your support and for desiring to deepen your understanding of the genre we all love so dearly ~ Young Adult Literature.


  1. YAY Jacob--very interesting! THX for the heads up--so author websites are a WIN!

  2. Thanks for answering my question Jacob. It's great to know that kids are checking out the websites and blogs.

  3. Awesome to know that teens check out author sites. My teens (the little adults that live in my house) don't do so to much, but I certainly do encourage it.

  4. Thanks, Jacob! It's always nice to hear good news!! My question is: Who's driving the YA market, the teens or the authors?

  5. Oooooh -- I like Kittie's question! But I'll add another answer choice: Is it the publishers? Is the market driven by what teens want to read, what authors want to write, or what publishers think teens want to read?

  6. Awesome! Thanks Jacob! I need to think of a great question to ask!

  7. Hey Sheri, sorry I couldn't take part this week. I had some stuff going on. *facepalm* Drop me a line with what you want me to do. (Jacob you're welcome to shoot me an e-mail too ;) )


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