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11yr-old Guest Blogger & the Scary Story WINNERS!

I'm Katelynn Larsen, yeah Sheri's daughter. I'm an almost 12 year old dancer/soccer player. I helped my mother come up with the scary story contest, and I had a blast reading your entries. There was so many good ones. I'm here to award the winners today. But first, let's go over the PRIZES, again.

The winners get to choose, first come first serve. Okay, so here are the winners!!

Grand Prize winner: Lenny Lee
2nd place: Mary Jo Campbell
3rd place: Nicole Zoltack
4th through 7th (in random order): T.Romel Blossom, Pat Tillett, Candace Ganger, PK Hrezo

Make sure you email Writers' Ally with your prize choice ASAP!!

I want to congratulate Lenny for participating and getting first place. Each entry was anonymous to me. I didn't know wrote which story until after I'd chosen the winners. I was surprised when my mom said an 11 year old wrote it. My mom has talk about you before, Lenny, but I was surprised. The first thing that popped up in my head was wow this kid has some skills.

Here's Lenny's winning entry in it's entirety:

Sheri laughed, rolled her big, brown eyes and said, “I’ll do it. I’ll sleep in the death bed!”

     She had just volunteered to spend the night at the old Huddlesworth mansion on the hill at the end of Oak Street and sleep in the bed where Elenora Huddlesworth and many of her family had died.

     Her friends laughed as they continued to enjoy happy hour at the local pub.

     Lenny said, “Yeah, sure. You’ll be running for your life before you even close your eyes.”

     Everyone laughed.

     It was said the mansion was haunted by generations of Huddlesworth ghosts. Recently, it was reported that Elenora, the last of the clan to die, had been seen standing in the moonlit window of her bedroom.  Rumor had it that anyone outside the family daring to sleep in the bed in the master suite would disappear or be changed forever.

     Sheri boasted she wasn’t afraid of anything.  She was a writer of paranormal fiction and through research decided haunted houses were nothing more than tall tales.  She was certain nothing would happen.

     At eleven o’clock on Halloween eve, Sheri stood in front of the old mansion. She secured her backpack, slipped through an opening in the rusty iron gates, turned on her flashlight and carefully walked along the crumbled walkway that led to front door. She fumbled with the key which she had obtained from her friend who was the town librarian and, as such, was keeper of the key to the mansion and other long abandoned homes.

     The door creaked open slowly.  Instantly, her nose was filled with a musty, stale odor. She shuddered and felt a momentary twinge of uneasiness. She scoffed at her reaction, turned, closed and locked the door.  She flashed the light around the room, eventually locating the stairway that led to the bedrooms.

     Sheri climbed the creaking stairs carefully, holding on to the railing with one hand and brushing away the cobwebs and scurrying spiders with the flashlight. Once at the top, she easily found the master bedroom and went in.

    She pulled a blanket from her backpack and spread it over the old, musty mattress.  She was wearing sweats and tennis shoes and planned to sleep in them.  She took the battery operated lantern from her pack, turned it on and put it on the dusty table next to the bed.  She climbed into the bed and stretched out on the blanket.
     Thinking about her next book,  Sheri drifted off. She was jolted back to reality when something icy grabbed her hand. She pulled her hand away, jumped up and looked around the room.  Nothing!  Her hand was cold and she shook it to get the circulation back.   She was sure it was her imagination, laughed and stretched out on the bed again.

     As she began to fall asleep, she heard footsteps coming towards the head of the bed.  She froze!  Her big, brown eyes widened and darted around the room, but she didn’t see anything.  Suddenly, loud breathing and a rush of hot breath filled her ear.  The smell of decay filled the room.

     Sheri was terrified!  She gathered her senses, sat up and started to jump out of the bed.  A pair of ice cold hands grasped her and threw her down.  The ghostly entity jumped on her and, instantly, she knew it was trying to take over her body.

     Sheri fought for her life!  She grabbed the invisible arms and tried to push them away. She screamed, cursed and used every ounce of her strength to push the invader out.  She and the entity fought for control of her body until she was exhausted and felt she couldn’t fight any more.  Suddenly, the assault stopped. Her body lay limp and worn out on the bed.  She fell into a deep, undisturbed sleep until morning.

     Within one month, Sheri wrote a best seller called Body X-change.  She stopped hanging out with her friends and became somewhat of a recluse. She frequented strange haunts and had weird, new acquaintances.

     Just before her first big book signing, Sheri stood in front of the mirror and smiled.  She thought, my big, green eyes always were my best feature.

WAY to Go, Lenny!! 

2nd and 3rd place will be posted next week. Thanks to all you entered!! It was great fun!

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  1. hi katelynn and miss sheri! WOWEE thanks for picking my scary story. it was fun doing it. i wrote 3 of them and one was a zombie one. i liked this one best cause it was sorta true cause it happened to my brother except he didnt change to someone else. ha ha. you could need to know my brother is a edit person for all my stories cause my grammar and stuff like that is pretty bad. i did the idea and got it wrote and he fixed it so it just reads lots better. my brother is soooo cool and nice. some day im not gonna need him so much for my writing. for my prize for sure i want miss diannes book! thanks for having such a fun contest and big thanks for liking my story.
    ...big hugs from lenny

  2. Yay for Lenny! Katelynn, you sound like a very smart young lady. :)

  3. Wow! Lenny, congratulations!!!! And congrats to the other winners too! That's awesome, Lenny! Woohoo! I'm cheering you on! :o)

  4. Katelynn, great job on your guest post!

    Lenny, congratulations on your winning entry! What a great tale. I liked how you had such detailed writing and a complete story arc (with backstory and everything) in a concise story. And of course, the reader had to be paying attention to catch the twist at the end. Very nicely done!

  5. WOOOOOOOOOOO for Lenny!!!!!!!! (and everyone else!)

  6. Great story Lenny. Congrats. Great post Katelynn.

  7. Awesome post Katelynn! And congrats to Lenny!

  8. Wow, Lenny! Wish I had been able to write like that when I was 11. I didn't even come close.

  9. Hey Katelynn! I'm so glad you are posting on your mom's blog. We love 'young blood' :-D My daughter Nyia posts on my site too! So drop in and say hello to her some time. You did an awesome job and please return we can't wait to see you again.

  10. Congrats, Lenny! I'm always so proud when young writers stretch themselves and take the leap to enter contests and submit their work. You are an inspiration to other young writers :) Great choice, Katelynn! P.S. Thanks for picking my story as 2nd place, so excited!!

  11. Way to go, Lenny! And congrats to all the contest winners. :)

  12. aww! That's awesome. Congrats to Lenny and hooray for Katelynn--great guest blogging~ :o)

  13. Huge congrats, Lenny and the other winners! :) Loved the twist at the end. Glad you liked my story for third, Katelynn!

  14. Great guest post Katelynn and congratulations to Lenny and the other winners! WTG, great story Lenny! I had a sneaky feeling Miss Sheri was scared of spiders. :-O

  15. Wow, this is super cool! Congrats to the winners! :D

  16. Thank you and congratulations to the rest of the winners!

  17. Congratulations to ALL the lucky winners! And that was a GREAT story Lenny! Well done! :-)

  18. Awesome! Congrats to Lenny and all who entered. :)

  19. Woo hoo, go Lenny! Congrats to all the winners!

  20. What great prizes! Congrats to the winners. And, great job on guest hosting Katelynn. =D


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