Wednesday, November 24, 2010

NOVEMBER 25, 1998

November 25, 1998, somewhere just before 6:34am
First Dance Recital

It was the last moments before the birth.
My stomach tightened again.
I tossed to my other side.
My eyes closed, and I exhaled but would have rather cried.

My husband was to my right.
His brawny hand swept a damp tangle from my face.
He tapped my lips with a shiny spoon.
And another ice chip quenched my thirst.

The TV was on,
replaying the same football game for the fifth time.
I pointed to it, completely annoyed.
And he clicked it down.

Nurses milled in and out of my room.
Although one stayed by my side.
Equipment started pilling up
to my left and to my right.

The endless bleep of the heart monitor--a blessing...but yet also a curse.

My mom was in the rocking chair
Her rosary in hand.
Kate's in the pink.
My dad was pacing the hallways
And daddy's do.

Our two boys were blissfully asleep
At home under Grampy's care.
I wondered what they would think,
When they woke to find mommy not there.

'80s girl for Halloween '09'
Back muscles clenched, tirelessly gnawing me.
The stiff pillowcase crinkled in my fists.
I gritted my teeth.
And though I fought valiantly, the pain was winning.

I rammed my forehead against the metal rail of the bed.
The cool felt good against my skin.
My husband's gentle voice said breathe.
But I was so tired. I just wanted to sleep.

Kate & Me '09'
With my final effort, the baby was born.
The air lightened.
The room brightened.
Blood flowed smoother through me veins.

And that's when I heard, "Honey, it's a girl."
The room went silent to me.
My ears deaf to any elation.
A blanket of pure calm covered me.

My eyes swelled. My heart filled.
And a touch from Heaven said, "See, I love you."

Tomorrow is not just Thanksgiving Day in our home. It's our daughter's birthday.

The year was 1998, and the Backstreet Boys were big. Saving Private Ryan was a huge box office bash. And the Broncos won the Superbowl.

Peace Out
Just Soccer
I grew up with my mom, dad, and a young brother, but also a houseful of other boys. My dad was a hockey and baseball coach. I would have died to have a sister.

Living in a house with four guys is nothing but interesting. Kate and I have stories upon stories. She's a good sport, like I was, but when I gave birth to our 4th child and it was yet another boy...Kate was devastated.

She was four years old at the time. Realizing we were outnumbered, genderly speaking, we made a Pinky Promise Pact. We pledged to forever be
"Special Sisters". I'm glad we did.

~I love you~

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  1. I still can't believe how many kids you have. You're way too young for that. My daughter is 13. It's turning out to be a fun age (thank God). I only have one child & we're really close too. Enjoy the holiday.

  2. More power to you. I didn't realize how many kids you have. Happy Birthday to your lovely daughter. I only have two. **shuts mouth**
    Wonderful tribute. :)
    Have a wonderful holiday.

  3. @Natalie - it's wonderful to hear how close you are with your daughter. Those relationships are so precious.

    @Christine - Aw...thanks. They do keep me busy. When we started out, we never thought we'd have four kids. God really does work in mysterious ways. lol

  4. awe! I sometimes think mothers should be celebrated on birthdays. After all- we did all the work! lol. Your daughter is beautiful and 12 is such a fun age (and it's only going to get more and more fun through highschool:) Happy Birthday Kate!

  5. Aw Happy Birthday Kate!!! I have a son turning 13 in 5 months... YIKES! Hope your daughter has a blessed birthday and all her wishes come true =)Hold on tight to her during the teen years!

  6. That was very is your realtionship with your daughter!


    HAPPY BIRTHDAY Kate!! :)

  7. This is lovely!
    Happy Birthday, Kate! :D

  8. I'm with CQG, we should be celebrated for enduring all that pain. :D

    Hope Kate has a wonderful birthday. :D

  9. This is so beautiful.

    Happy Birthday Kate!

  10. oh! That's wonderful. *sniff*

    Happy birthday to Kate! And happy thanksgiving to you~ :o) <3

  11. see, posts like this are why I've given you an award. Come over to my blog and pick it up - and thanks:)

  12. I'm all teared up now! That was the sweetest 'thankful' post I've read all day! Though I'm a little disturbed that she dressed up as an 80's girl for Halloween. I remember dressing like that in middle school, yikes! She seems like a very special lady which makes you very lucky! Happy birthday Kate!

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  14. [try again, sorry for the delete]
    Ah, Sheri, that is sweeeeet! Love the early pics of Kate, too. My daughter was born on Nov. 26! and she will turn 24 on Friday, so I can relate to the holiday baby mode. (ugh--Thanksgiving dinner in a hospital, anyone? talk about gross food!)

    A very happy birthday #12 to Kate!

  15. wow! you knocked my socks off with this post! Happy BDay, Kate!

  16. Wow, Sheri! That was beautiful so so potent! I'll be thinking of you and you family AND YOUR DAUGHTER tomorrow. Wish her a happy birthday for me :o) xoxo

  17. hi miss sheri! first i just gotta say a BIG HAPPY BIRTHDAY to kate!! shes just a little more old than me. for sure my sister could know how it feels having so much boys around cause shes stuck living with 4 older brothers and one more younger brother and thats me. that poem on when she was born got me tears cause i could feel how happy it got you feeling. shes a real thanksgiving for sure! i hope you have a real fun and happy day tomorrow. turkey and birthday cake!! wow how cool is that
    ...big hugs from lenny

  18. That's so beautiful!! My daugheter is two and I can't wait to know her better. But then I think teenager and I want her to stay two forever.

  19. Happy Birthday, Kate!

    I want four kids - halfway there! Two boys so far... I'm really hoping the next one will be a girl. I can't be the only girl! I'm one of six, 3 boys, 3 girls, so I'm praying the next two will be girls, but I'll settle for one.

    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  20. Hugs and cograts! And happy birthday! And happy thanksgiving! *attempts to give football-ish slap on the back*

  21. What a sweet post. :) Happy birthday, Kate!


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