Monday, February 14, 2011

Just KISS Already, Blogfest!

Yo!! Major HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY to you all! I HEART YOU. Yes, I know I mentioned that Friday when I posted my 250ish for the "That's YAmore" Blogfest but I meant it. A girl can repeat, can't she???

I'm majorly excited to participate in Stina & Christine's JUST KISS ALREADY Blogfest!! (If you're not following them, you should be. Both are fabulous writers and just plan fun blogging buds! I enjoy spending time with them every week!)

Now don't forget, my entry is a continuation from my 250ish words posted on FRIDAY. Interested? The words can be found HERE.

I'll wait while you refresh or catch up.

'K, finished. SWEET! Here we go...

Without any forethought, I bumped my fingertips over Viktor's lips and traced the stubble of his manly face. The quench from his mouth snapped as it opened, but his eyes closed. My fingers nestled in his jet black waves and then clenched the back of his neck. I pulled myself closer to him. My lips nuzzled his earlobe. Temptation battered me from all sides. 

Viktor dipped his head at my neckline. His cheek seared my skin; he was spa warm. His mist boggled my brain. I couldn’t shake it. And I didn’t want to.

We shouldn’t be this close, but I wanted him, more than anything or anyone. My heart said it, inhibitions fluttering away. I unfastened his tie. My knuckles twisted his two top buttons from their eyelets. The heat from his body soaked into mine. The waxing and waning of his breaths soothed me. 

Braiding his fingers through the dangles clinging to my neck, Viktor released my hair from the remnants of its elastic. Soft hands cradled my head in hammock-like comfort. The sultry pleasure of his lips pressed on my neck then traveled to my cheek. He gazed into my eyes.

Just as in his car, while the rain pelted the earth outside, words were not essential—our personal wordless poetry. 

I tipped my head back, as his lips gently pecked mine. Sweet and long-awaited, the kiss was warm and tender. Our touches heated, and then Viktor’s mouth fully engulfed mine as we gave into the passion we’d resisted. 

So there you have it. My steamy, no-they-did-not-miss KISS. I love writing scenes like that for YA. It's sweet and teasing, yet clean. For some reason, that feels more real to me.

Many thanks for Stina of Seeing Creative and Christine of Write-Brained for hosting!! Ooh, and be sure to take a peek at all the other participants, too!! LINKY. And ENTER both my GIVEAWAYS HERE & HERE for this month! All you have to do is leave a comment. Easy Peasy!!


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