Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Want to Know How Weird I AM?

It's inevitable. We cyber-meet. We chat, carry-on a few blogging dates. Then it happens. I say something that shows how kookie I really am.

Either you like it, or turn from me, walk away, and never visit my humble alleyway again. (*tears well up and balance on my lower lids, threating to escape*) 

"Please don't go..." my voice trails off, my hands reach out to you.

Over the past year, I've been blessed to make some fangtastical blogging buddies who allow me to call them my cyber chums. Thank you.

Today, I'm here to highlight a few. SEVEN to be exact. Do you know why? Because one of those newer blogging chums, Shari, over on Think, Dream, Inspire, has graced me with an award. She is such a sweet person. Take a gander over and give her a wave!

Before I give the award away, Shari has asked me to give you the random scoop on myself times SEVEN. What I've done, is listed a few of my peeves: THINGS IN LIFE THAT ARE JUST WRONG...to me, anyway.

1. I despise buying toilet paper. What a waste. (hee...)

2. I live with four guys. Yes, I gave birth to three of them but they're still of the Y chromesome. Of all those rolls of TP we buy, how many do you think they actually put on the toilet paper holder??? NONE!! Ziltch. NADA!

3. There are more socks littering my yard, family room, and 'man cave' in the basement, then there are in all of our dresser draws combined. I even have found the 14yr-old son wearing my socks!! "Mom, their black and non-see'ems. Who cares?" Um...Mom does, especially when she can't find a pair of socks for herself.

4. Hotdog packages with 8 dogs, but the roll packages only have 6. What is up with that?? That, my friends, is mind-messing. Seriously. It's like a cruel joke. If we set up our kids like that, they'd call it abuse.

5. The dude who gets in the wrong turning lane and looks at me like I have a problem. Really, guy?? It should be legal to ram my car into his.

6. Commercials. Period. They should be optional.

7. Lack of body towels. For some of you, this may be repetitive. I've mentioned it before, but I felt it was appropriate for this list. As stated above, I live with four guys...(the 12yr-old daughter and tiny female dog, too.) My oldest son hoards our towels. The other day, I collected 18 towels from his closet. Yeah, the hubs had to drip dry out of the shower. Not a happy hubby. And just before that, I pulled 11 towels--all crusted, smelly, and plain'ole gross--from said 17yr-old's hockey bag.            Just wrong.

BONUS: Went to the dentist for a hygiene, yesterday. Whenever I go to the dentist, why do I feel like I'm walking into my elementary Catholic school class and the nun is going to scold me?

There you have it. My crabby list for today!!

In no particular order, here are some of my newer blogging chums who are amazing!! Thanks guys for spending cyber time with me.

Don   Michael   Tabitha   Nikki    Cherry   Stephanie   Shannon
These peeps are all wonderful. Pay them a visit!!

SPLATTER: Come back Friday when I'm hoping to post my Crusader entry. Um, yeah, I just need to write it. The kids are home all week on vacation, so it may be tough. I'll try hard. lol


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