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Worst Movies Ev'ah Blogfest!!

As I've stated in the past, I'm a blogger who tends to shy away from blogfests. But every-so-often, I'll come across one that I just have to partake in. So this post must be credited to the genius that is Alex Cavanaugh and his gathering of the Worst Movies Ever!!

My stab at this list will incorporate reasons the movie didn't work, in my opinion, and how writers can utilize these lessons to improve their writing.

1. Showgirls - Question: was there even a plot??
Writers - Make sure you have a plot.

2. Year One - I'm all for a laugh, or two, or three. But you have to actually be funny.
Writers - If you plan on using humor throughout a storyline or to develop a character, please be funny.

3. The American - this story went on and on and on about absolutely nothing. I just didn't get it. He's making a gun. Who gives a rat's ars! What else do you have?
Writers - Have a point.

4. Max Payne - everything seemed to take forever in this film. I think I nodded off, too.
Writers - Pace is very important. If you slow the pace down, have a vital reason.

5. White Chicks - I just couldn't get past the makeup!! Sorry. I didn't seem plausible to me.
Writers - if you have an idea that is unique but a bit out there, make sure you can make it work before wasting your time writing it. IMHO, an idea--no matter how farfetched--can be made to work with enough thought, preparation, and care.

6. The Happening - flat and pointless, almost generic.
Writers - If you want to take an old, bland idea and write about it, toss in something new to spice it up or it will fall flat.

7. April Fool's Day ('80s) - At the end of the movie, the viewers realize it's all been a joke.
Writers - Know that you have an intelligent audience. Don't treat them like idiots. 

8. Garbage Pail Kids - Yeah, some movies just should never have been made.
Writers - Think if it's a story worth telling.

9. Vanilla Ice/Cool as Ice - Can you say lame characters? (Along with plot, theme, scenes, etc...)
Writers - The success to a great story is characters who are developed deeply and in an interesting way.

10. Couples Retreat - Now this one is a bit more personal. Being the parents of four children lends my hubby and me little time to ourselves. This movie gave me hope--a lingering Ahh... of expectation and led me to believe that the story-line(s) would relate to me and my life. A good laugh... It failed.
Writers - if you write a killer blurb for your book and market the @#%^& out of it, making promises of awesomeness, then you'd better come through.

So there you have my summary. For more Worst Movies featured today, go HERE!! I'm sure you'll recognize a few.


  1. I haven't heard of any of those movies -- and now I won't bother.

    It sometimes astounds me what Hollywood investors will put out the money for. Is it that American audiences are really that dumb, or has Hollywood trained them to expect "dumb" and call it funny? Yikes!

  2. And now I'm thrilled I never saw any of them. :D

    I love your writing application twist in this blogfest. Great job, Sheri.

  3. I didn't see any of those, but the titles don't even grab me. Thanks for letting me know not to watch them.

  4. "Ditch the zero, and get with the hero." - Vanilla Ice, at the end of Cold as Ice.

  5. I was disappointed by Max Payne. Though, um, I do have a crush on Mark Wahlberg. LOL. And Um, I do love the Wayans Brothers. LOL. I'm brand loyal need I say more? Great list!

  6. lol! That's an awesome line up! And I agree with every movie! (Scary, what were people thinking when they made those?)

  7. Hahaha! Nice list. I'd add The Blair Witch Project, lol!

  8. I love how you addressed the writers here. Great job, Sheri! <3


    Can Alex save Winter from the darkness that hunts her?

    YA Paranormal Romance, Darkspell coming fall of 2011!

  9. HAHAHA!! I love this topic for a blogfest!!! I would add a few myself, but the only recent one I can remember right now is 2012!

  10. Showgirls made my top ten list too! I see White Chicks is also popular today, although I though it had some funny moments.

    I LOVED your comments. Thanks for the laugh Sheri.

  11. This list and the writing lessons that go with it is fantastic.

  12. I think I nodded off during Max Payne too, which was a shame because the story line had so much potential! I love your tips after the bad movies!

  13. I can't believe you didn't like COOL AS ICE. That was one fabulous movie. LOL=D
    I have seen WHITE CHICKS, but blocked it out. Thanks for the reminder. The makeup drove me crazy, too.

  14. I love how some are relating it to writing. Well done!

  15. Oh yay! I'm so glad someone chose The Happening. I hated hated HATED this film. All build up and no climax = frustrated Talli. LOL!

  16. I like your accompanying writer tips! Year One was so unfunny and The Happening was on my list as well.
    Thanks for participating in the blogfest!

  17. While not a good movie, Max Payne doesn't belong on the list in my opinion. I thought it was paced pretty well. Different folks, different strokes.

  18. I haven't seen all of them, but those I have seen (i.e. Showgirls) was terrible! Great list!

  19. I didn't have any of these on my list, but I sure could have! All of 'em stinkers!

  20. Haven't seen any of these movies--several of them I hadn't even heard of before.

  21. Might I add JUDE to this list? WORST. ENDING. EVERRRRRRR.

  22. Garbage Pail Kids - OMG that's a movie I wish I could forget

  23. Loved reading your take on this. "Showgirls" was absolutely awful. Writers also make sure you have proper characterization in your novels!

  24. Showgirls, FTW! LOL! :D And I gotta say White Chicks just looked... too weird. :p Hubs also likes to make jokes about "The Happening." He calls it, "The something" or "The Thing that Happened." Yep, pretty awful.

    fun stuff! :D

  25. How did I miss out on a Vanilla Ice movie?!? And white chicks was beyond bad - it was horrifying. Those two looked scary in that make-up!

  26. Showgirls IS a classic. But I'm a dancer! And what about the pool scene where she flops around like a fish??? BAHAHAHA!

  27. I've noticed a lot of M. Night Shyamalan's movies on these lists, but I remember kind of liking April Fool's Day, although you wouldn't be able to watch it more than once.

  28. I've seen all of your choices...and every one is totally forgettable! Some were even downright squirm-worthy! :)

  29. Oh boy, GPK movie was awful. Sorry I gave up time for that one.
    And you're right about all the others. I have Couples Retreat just waiting on my shelf for me to see, but I may not bother after reading this...


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