Thursday, September 20, 2012

You've Got To See This!

Heard of Elana Johnson's Possession book series? You know, book I POSSESSION and book II SURRENDER. 

Well, I've had the pleasure of reading both. Just awesome! If you haven't read them, you must. Both will be worth your while.

So you must be able to imagine from my excitement over the first two books that I am tushy-over-tea-kettle thrilled to be part of the cover reveal for the final book in the series. Take a peek at ABANDON.

Book description: 

seduced by power,
broken by control,
and consumed by love...

Vi has made her choice between Jag and Zenn, and the Resistance may have suffered for it. But with the Thinkers as strong as ever, the rebels still have a job to do. Vi knows better than anyone that there's more at stake than a few broken hearts. 

But there is a traitor among them...and the choices he makes could lead to the total destruction of everything Vi has fought for.

Vi, Jag, and Zenn must set their problems aside for the Resistance to have any hope of ending the Thinkers' reign. Their success means everything...and their failure means death.

Yeah, just WHOOT!! You know you want to add it to your Goodreads mountain. Do it now. I already did. But...being the big E, Elana has more for you.

Elana is running a Pinterest contest for the cover. She wants to get 500 pins (or repins) over the next  two days. If we can get that many, she'll pick someone who pinned the cover to win a $50 Amazon gift card. It's so easy to do this. All you have to do is click over to Elana’s blog for details

Normally I say farewell to you on Fridays, but I so wanted to be a part of this reveal that I've chosen to post today. So have a safe, relaxing, and productive weekend, Alleywalkers!! Make sure you visit on Monday...I have a SURPRISE for you.

And if you haven't already, ENTER my giveaway! Spreading the word is still appreciated. There's still time to enter. Here's the fabulous Christine Fonseca's giveaway, too. 


  1. I'm excited to be a part of this too. I love Elana's cover!

  2. It's a great cover. I'm looking forward to the release, too.

  3. Great cover! Sounds like a great story, too.

    Hugs and chocolate,

    Tweeted and FB'd this.

  4. Very cool! I love how simple and classy the cover is!

  5. Replies
    1. See. This is like the fourth time I've seen someone use the word perfect to describe E's cover.

  6. Love the cover! So excited for Elana!

  7. I just saw this over at Literary Rambles! So exciting and so perfect.

  8. This cover is absolutely stunning. Congrats, Elana.

  9. I've heard so many great things about Elana's books. I must read them!

    1. Oh, you really should. I read the first one on my own, and was given an ARC for the second one. I can't wait to read this third one. The story is really different.

      Thank you so much for stopping by Writer's Alley!!

  10. Awesome cover! :-D Still need to read the whole series. :-)

  11. What a cover. I must add it to the list. Congrats Elana!

  12. It is a great cover. I've added it to my blog's sidebar.

  13. It's such a great cover, isn't it? I am so happy for Elana!!


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