Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Reading Lists & Young Adult Teen Tuesday

I'm over on Oasis for YA today, with my latest YA suggestion and a question. I'll give you a hint: the story is paranormal and fantasy and encompasses a world imprisoned. I'd love to hear from you over there.

Splat: my recovery is still going well. Just really exhausted, so if I don't catch up with you as readily as I'd like I hope you'll understand.

Thanks so much and enjoy your Tuesday!!

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  1. Oh no, Sheri. Were you not feeling well? Did you have surgery? Glad to know you're recovering, though.
    I'm heading over right now.

  2. Young Adult Literature
    Paranormal activities are such activities on which one cannot believe. Some authors write these stories in such a way that they make us believe that there stories are real.


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