Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Just A Few SPOOK~tacular Vibes

This is my third year celebrating Halloween with all of you through the Alleyway. I've done the post about fun and quirky Halloween facts, as well as the spooky post. I think I even did a funny one, last year. I've decided to change it up, yet again, by sharing one Spook-tacular read, one useless piece of knowledge, and one piece of ME!

My first choice of book is an MG spill on a fantasy classic.


Cinderskella (Scarely Ever After #1) by Amie Borst; Bethanie Borst
Genre: Paranormal
Released: October 26, 2013
Publisher: Jolly Fish Press
Pages: 255

Description: Cindy is just a normal 11¾-year-old. At least until she wakes up one night and finds out she’s dead. Well, she isn’t technically dead—she just doesn’t have any hair . . . or a nose . . . or skin. Yep—all bones, no body. 

Human by day and skeleton by night, Cindy is definitely cursed. And because her mother recently died, Cindy has no one to turn to except a father who’s now scared of her and an evil stepmother who makes her do the housecleaning with a toothbrush. To make matters worse, the Spring Fling dance is approaching, and Ethan, the cutest boy in sixth grade, doesn’t seem to know Cindy exists. Of course, Cindy doesn’t think letting Ethan find out she’s part skeleton is the best way to introduce herself.

While facing such perils as pickled pig’s feet, a wacky fortune teller, and a few quick trips to the Underworld, Cindy’s determined to break the curse—even for a single night.
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     Amie Borst still believes in unicorns, uses glitter whenever possible and accessorizes in pink. She enjoys eating chocolate while writing and keeps a well-stocked stash hidden away from her family. A native New Yorker she currently resides in Northern Virginia with her husband, three children and a cute dog named Lily. She wishes she had a hot-pink elevator with carnival lights to travel the world. But for now, her minivan will have to do.      
     Bethanie Borst is a spunky 13-year-old who is an avid archer with Olympic dreams, enjoys the outdoors, loves reading and is quick to make lasting friendships. When she is not writing, she swings on a star.
Although I have yet to read this book, I believe it's a great read for this season. I can't wait to read it myself. And hey, how cool is it that Mom & Daughter wrote it together? LUV that!

Ooh, & one more thing: the fab duo of Borst & Borst are hosting a giveaway! Spread the word for them!
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☠Useless Knowledge☠

As some of you may already know, Halloween gets its roots from the Celtic festival of Samhain and the Christian holiday of All Saint's Day. In Old English 'All Hallows' means 'the feast of the saints'.

See the connection? Yeah. But check this out: Halloween in the 16th century is a derivative of All Hallows-Even--even meaning evening. Eventually, the 'v' was left out, leaving the 'een' or at the time spelled Hallowe'en. Weird, huh? Someone dropped the ('), which gave us Halloween by the 20th century.

I told you it was useless knowledge. 

And for the ONE PIECE OF ME....
...a way spook-licious tree and skull dudes for my desk!

Do you have any useless Halloween holiday info to share? Do you like my tree???
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  1. This looks really cute! Best of luck to the Borst & Borst team!

  2. Cool tree. And good luck to Amie and Bethany.

  3. Love the decoration! Love the mom, daughter team, too. The book sounds like a great one for this month.

    1. Yes, I agree about the mother/daughter duo.

      Thanks about my tree! I love it.

  4. Cinderskella? That's just awesome!

    Love the history lesson on Halloween. I like learning things like that, whether it's useless or not. :)

  5. Halloweven sounds so wrong, glad it got changed. Thanks for the useless knowledge lol

    1. Hey, I never thought of it that way. You're right! What's 'even' about Halloween, anyway? LOL

  6. Thanks for spotlighting our book! It's been a really rewarding experience to write with my daughter. We never thought we'd land a book deal because of it!
    I love your tree - I would totally put it on my writing desk!

  7. Awesome! Now there's a book that HAS to go on the list.

    I haven't had breakable decorations out for about ten years. Too many ceramic fragments in my memory...but I love these. Super cute, Sherry.

  8. I like your tree! And the useless knowledge. Might help with a crossword puzzle one day.

    1. Crossword puzzle...that has Blogfest written all over it!

  9. Cinderskella! How clever. Not useless. Now I understand the ' I've been seeing around here and there. Aha!

  10. This looks like a book I would love! I am definitely curious about it and hope to get a chance to read it soon. :)

    My favorite Cinderella retelling is Cinderella Skeleton. Thanks for sharing and for the chance to win. :)

  11. Interesting fact! Cinderskella sounds like a fun read. :-)

  12. I love your spooky tree! And love the sound of the book!


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  14. Maybe it's kind of obvious, but Halloween is my favorite holiday. I love getting into a nice spooky mood. :D Love your haunted tree.

  15. Congrats to the authors. I didn't know Amie had something out. I'll add it to my wish list.

  16. Sounds like an 'all kinds of fun' read.


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