Wednesday, November 6, 2019

IWSG ~ The Strange

Time for another Insecure Writer Support Group post, where we explore all the joys, angst, and insecurities of being a writer.

A huge 'thank you' goes out to this month's co-hosts  Sadira Stone, Patricia Josephine, Lisa Buie-Collard, Erika Beebe, and C. Lee McKenzie! Thank you for keeping everything in-line!

This month's group question is: What's the strangest thing you've ever Googled in researching a story?

Oh geez, there are so many. I mean, if you know me you know that i LUV to research! It's number 3 on my writing procrastination list under reading and walking the dog. ;)  

I've researched:


  • The Third Eye - which was kind of freaky
  • Tarot cards and their history - had to have an open mind
  • Dreams and Magic - felt like I could relate
  • Gypsy history - very, very cool
  • Every mythological creature known to man
The strangest would probably be the Lazarus creatures - insects that are literally 'undead', but roam around spreading their undeadness. I'm strange, so I love this!

What about you? What's the strangest subject you've ever researched?


  1. I like to research mythological beings and magic. I have a few reference books on these subjects too.

  2. Lazarus creatures sound really interesting.

  3. One of my authors did a lot of gypsy research and it really shone in her book.

  4. Okay. You've got me running to look up Lazarus creatures. I can get lost in research, so if no one hears from me for a week or so, you know why.

  5. Okay I am gonna have to research the Lazarus creatures - insects that though inspired an idea for a bump I have been hitting in a story. Happy Belated IWSG!

  6. Those Lazarus creatures sound interesting. Not as interesting as cryosleep and faster-than-light starship engines. :)

  7. I've researched many of the same things you have, lol, as well how long blood takes to clot, how an autopsy is done, and the property of herbs and plants (not so strange).

  8. Lazarus creatures are strange. Send chills down my spine, too.

  9. Thanks a lot for sharing. Keep blogging
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