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Young Adult Teen Tuesday: Fire Elemental Blog Tour!

Here with another edition of YATT, and what I have for you is pretty cool! 'K, not cool, but hot. Fiery HOT. I'm pleased to be a part of another AToMR Tour, introducing you to FIRE - Elemental #4 in Shauna Granger's series and HERE for full tour schedule. 

Author: Shauna Granger
Release date: Dec. 18, 2012
Genre: Urban Fantasy, YA/New Adult

Demons, faeries, and mermaids. Claws, teeth, and nightmares. 

They have been beaten and bruised, set on fire, and nearly drowned, but manage to always find their way home.  Over their last Winter Holiday break before college, Shayna, Jodi, and Steven try again to put aside the magic in their lives for a little mundane fun. But Shayna's mother is having dreams of fire and death. A mysterious stranger by the name of Liam has just arrived in town. And Shayna's attempts to manage her new angelic powers are set back by Steven's insistence that the trio intervene in a riot outside of a concert, with disastrous consequences.

In her attempt to stop the riot, a man sees Shayna use her magical abilities – a man driven mad by watching his brother die at the hands of a black witch. He stalks Shayna, plotting to destroy her and her friends. With her mother’s warnings echoing in her mind, Shayna is now in the fight of her life against an unlikely foe: a human man.

Check out the special excerpt given to me to share with you! But PSST...Make sure you read to the end and enter a fabulous giveaway! Plus, I'm FINALLY announcing a splatter of winners from my past few giveaways. 

Excerpt #1 from FIRE

We stood there in companionable silence for a while, watching the dancers swaying to the music while the shadows and light flickered between them. I didn’t realize I had started moving to the beat of the music until I accidentally brushed up against Liam.

“Oops,” I said, “sorry.”

“Perfectly all right,” he said. Then he took my hand in his and started forward, pulling me with him.

“Whoa, what are you doing?” I asked, trying in vain to pull against him.

“Oh, lighten up, will you?” he said with a roll of his eyes when he stopped and turned to face me. 

He twirled me suddenly, surprising a yelp out of me before he caught me. My back was to him, shoulders pressed into his chest. His body was already moving to the slow, low beat of the music, and his hands were resting on the swell of my hips, guiding me to follow his lead. Tiny pin pricks were running up my spine and my palms were a little sweaty. I could feel the crowd around us, pressing against my shields and stealing some of the air.

“Relax,” Liam whispered in my ear. 

His breath was hot against the nape of my neck, making me shiver. I closed my eyes and focused on my breath. I could taste the smoke and ash in the air, the spice of lust and abandon, the musk of warm bodies. The music slipped and slid around us. Behind my eyelids, I could see the electricity of the bodies around us again. Liam’s body was warm and firm behind me. His fingers curled into my hips, guiding me into the swish and sway of his body. My head dropped back, resting on his shoulder as my muscles slowly began to unwind, one by one. I settled my hands over Liam’s as we moved, my knees bouncing in time with the music, my hips in time with his.

Liam turned his face towards me so that his cheek brushed against mine. It was smooth and warm and I felt myself turning towards it. I opened my eyes and could see the rich redness of his lips very near to my face. The tip of his tongue darted out to moisten his lips, making me swallow. I lifted my gaze up the length of his jaw, over the cut of his cheekbone until I watched his eyes. Surprisingly, he wasn’t watching me. His eyes were half closed and it seemed as though he wasn’t looking at anything really, he was just lost in the moment.

His head dipped forward and he turned his face towards me again so that his nose and lips were nuzzled in close to the bend of my neck. My heart thudded against my chest and his fingers gripped my hips tighter, pulling me against him so that there wasn’t as much as an inch between the lines of our bodies. I felt a rumble in his chest, rolling through him until his lips vibrated against my neck. I was suddenly very aware of my pulse in my neck, terrifyingly close to his lips. Chills ran up my arms, and just when I thought he might’ve kissed me, the music shifted and Liam pushed me away and spun me around.

He laughed when I gasped in surprise, but he caught my wrists and pulled me into him again, draping my arms around his neck. His hands slid down my arms, over my ribs until he finally took my waist and again he was leading me in a rhythmic swaying dance. Now that we were face to face, I felt less self-conscious looking him in the eye and he stared right back. A corner of his mouth quirked up in a little smile and his eyes held a heat that made me want to swallow again. I brought my hands down to rest against his chest. It was strange not feeling a heartbeat under my fingers, even though I had never thought about that before when dancing with a boy.

Can't help but wonder what happens next!

Giveaway: (5) ebooks of EARTH, AIR, WATER, or FIRE – Open International
  • Grand prize: Shayna’s Solstice gift to Deb (a hand knitted scarf) and a signed paperback of the winner’s choosing (Earth, Air, Water or Fire), bookmark, and a $10 Gift Card for either Amazon or B&N. – Open to US/Canada
Author Bio:

I don't do well talking about myself. So as basics go, I have recently self-published the first two books in my Elemental Series, Earth and Air, Young Adult Urban Fantasy novels. Look for the third installment, Water, coming in 2012!

I have been working on the Elemental Series for the last four years and plan for it to be a 5 book series. It was a hard decision to self-publish but it's been an exciting and terrifying ride. Shauna Granger | Twitter | Facebook


I have five, count'em, five giveaways to announce the winners for. I promised not to waste anymore time, so here goes: 

The winner of my TRANSCEND Book & Swag Giveaway is: BEVERLY STOWE MCCLURE!!

The winners of my THANKSGIVING DAY Giveaway:
  •  a copy of The Best of Vine Leaves Literary Anthology 2012, which released yesterday is:  LAURA PAULING!!
  • an ecopy of my bestie Leigh Moore's ROUGE is: DAWNA NEWMAN!!
  • Kindle edition of my bestie Sarah Fine's SANCTUM is: ELIZA TILTON!!
  • an ecopy of my besties Angela Ackerman & Becca Puglisi's EMOTIONAL THESAURUS is: BEVERLY STOWE MCCLURE!
The winner of our PASSION BLUE Giveaway is: KELLY HASHWAY!

The winner of a digital copy of FADE Giveaway is: FIERY NA!


  1. Congrats to the winners! Thanks for sharing about this book. I hadn't heard of the series before. It looks good.

  2. Sounds like a thrilling book. Congrats to all the winners!

    And I really like the new look. :-)

  3. not feeling a heartbeat under her fingers - this reminds me of Twilight, in a good way! Wow! Need to take my hubby dancing now!

  4. Congrats to the winners.

    Intriguing cover. I like the sound of this book.

  5. Looking good! The cover looks great!

  6. Sounds like a great book, and congrats to all the winners!

  7. I love elemental stories, and this one sounds really unique. The excerpt sold it, it's going on my to read list!

  8. Sounds like a fun read!

    Congrats to the winners!


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