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YA Novel STEALING BREATH~Meet the Characters

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Today, I have two special friends visiting the Alleyway--Sarah Ross, the main character from STEALING BREATH, and Evan Valente, Sarah's love interest. Both are the brain childs of Author Joanne Brothwell.

Hi Sarah and Evan! **waves**

Sarah scrunches up her nose, lips in a pucker, and tosses a peace symbol into the air, while Evan simply grins.

Haha...well, seeing how you're both quite comfortable being in front of a crowd, give us a little insight into what makes Sarah and Evan who they are.

Sarah: I'm what is referred to as an "Indigo Child".

Evan: Like they know what that is.

Sarah elbows Evan. As I was saying -- Sarah oogles her eyes from Evan back to her audience -- the first time I heard the concept I thought, what the...? Seriously, it was the strangest thing, to hear those words being used to describe me. At first, I wondered if maybe they were trying to play a practical joke on me, but if you recall the situation, it was obvious everyone was way to serious. When I realized it was a real term, I was probably more incredulous. Like, you all are clearly nuts.

Evan: 'K, my turn. Hi everyone, I’m Evan Valente, and I’m the love interest in Stealing Breath. I’ve been told I have eyes the colour of sapphires, my hair is very dark, nearly black, and my girlfriend, Sarah Ross, says I have a “chiselled jawline”, whatever that means! There are a few things about me that are a bit... mysterious.

Ooh, mysterious. What girl doesn't like that, Evan. Care to share a bit of your world with us?

Evan: Sure. I suppose coming from the other side, it's different. I see Sarah's point of view, that things are dangerous, but I suppose having grown up in a Malandanti family where necromancy is an everyday thing... it tends to water down the fear factor quite a bit.

Sarah: Let's just say that living close to the backwoods of North Dakota can sometimes be a little... spooky. Combine that with some Native American lore, and things can be downright dangerous.

Now, if you both were honest, what's your biggest quirk?

Sarah: Aside from being an Indigo Child (laughs)? I guess my biggest quirk is that I tend to make decisions with my gut instinct, rather than any rational thought. Sometimes this works out, other times, not so much!

Evan: My ability to transform into my Malandanti Skinwalker form is probably my biggest quirk. I've given it up, you know, because of Sarah. But it’s like giving up crack. Sure, you get triggered sometimes, to go back to something you knew and relied on. But once you’re clean, you feel so much healthier; and you know what you would lose if you went back…(Evan swallows and looks at Sarah, his eyes clouded) You never want to go back.
Joanne Brothwell

More honesty: what's your creator really like?

Evan: A little nuts.

Sarah: She is not! (shakes her head and rolls her eyes). Joanne's really great.

Love the...span of your opinions. LOL I'm sure inquiring teen (and not so teen anymore) minds want to know. What do you really think of each other?

Evan: I've got to answer first. Just look at her! (Turns to Sarah and winks). From that very first moment when I saw her face at that old abandoned house, it was like I could finally see. Before that, everything was blurry, dark. Then she entered my life and turned the lights on.  (Evan leans over and kisses Sarah’s cheek. She blushes and kisses him on the lips!)

Sarah: Personality or physical? (Sarah giggles) Aside from being ridiculously hot, I suppose Evan's  greatest strength is his loyalty. I know he would do absolutely anything for me.

It has been absolutely awesome having you both here. Thank you so much! And thanks to your writer mom for giving you time off to visit. 

Author Joanne Brothwell can be found on her Website | Facebook | Twitter | Amazon.


  1. Fun character interview. Sounds like an interesting book and I like the cover. Thanks for sharing this.

  2. Very creative interview.

    Hugs and chocolate,
    Tweeted and shared.

  3. I always love character interview. Often they're more interesting than author interviews, especially when you have the right characters. :D

    1. It was pretty fun putting this one together, too. Joanne gave me lots of answers and I chose which ones to include.

    2. Aw, thanks, Stina and Sheri! You guys rock!

  4. I'm loving this cover. Great interview, too.

    1. Thanks, Kelly! I love the cover too. But you should see my new cover - it's even prettier! Check it out here:

  5. Great character interview! And the cover is lovely!

  6. Now here are a couple of characters I'd like to meet. Super interview. Love the relationship between Sarah and Evan.

    1. Hi Beverly,
      I really love Sarah and Evan. They're very close to my heart! Thank you.

    2. Thanks, Beverly! Joanne did an awesome job answering the questions. It was fun.

  7. Thanks for having me, Sarah and Evan at your blog today, Sheri!

  8. Skinwalker, huh? I'd want to read for that alone. But romance in a fantasy never hurts. Love reading character interviews like this.

  9. Indigo Child, now that sounds interesting. Great character interview, it makes me want to check out this book soon :)

  10. These characters sound too fun to miss! Thanks for introducing us to them. ON my way to check the book out now...

  11. Character interviews are my favorite!!

    1. I love them, too! Always gets me into the author's story. Yeah, great marketing gimmick. I'll have to remember that. LOL


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