Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Reflecting Back, While Forging Ahead

Do you find the beginning of every new year as redundant as I do? 
I'm gonna lose weight. I'll exercise more. We'll have more family time. I won't be at the office so much. The list is endless. Why do we think the end of a calendar year gives us permission to start anew? Who set that cliche? 

Each and every single day is a new beginning. Think of the sun setting as a really-really-really short (albeit unofficial) new day eve. Why not? Why can't you? Because you've been trained to go through the motions of everyday like the one before? Because doing differently would take effort, brainpower, and passion, and you gave up most of that long ago just to get through each day? What is the point?

I'll do it tomorrow because I've had a tough day at work ... at school ... in traffic. Yeah, we've all said something similar to ourselves. So what can bring about change in the complacent mind? Give inspiration and a sense of reason, purpose? One simple word: HOPE.  

Strangely, that's my word for 2017. When I found out I was like 'Seriously'? Not focus or kindness or fortitude. I get hope. Talk about cliche. Everybody hopes for stuff, like for the light to stay green so they can get through traffic. But then I stopped to think about it for a moment. I didn't really want a different word; I wanted a different reason to reflect on where I am, what I've accomplished thus far and fuel me to forge ahead into the great unknown of a new year day. So I picked a bunch.

Go on. Try it. Pick any word. Pick them all, just go out there and DO something. Live today, not just for tomorrow.  You thought my next words would be because tomorrow might never come. Nope. Guess what? Tomorrow might and most probably will come, but how much better are you for it? How much better are others that you're still here? Ponder each day as you fall into slumber at night. Give yourself an atta girl/boy for your successes and reflect on a failure. Mull over a solution.

Make each day count.
Live vibrantly. Love passionately.
See the unseen around you. Look harder. It's there.
Cherish the beauty and let it inspire you.
Be you. Always you.
Embrace your gifts. They're yours for a reason.
You are unique. 
Be genuine, kind. Smile even when you don't feel like it. 
Why? Because you can, and it takes less effort than frowning.
Open the door for a stranger. Do a good deed and don't tell anyone.
Challenge yourself to be more than you thought you could be.
And when you get there, push just a little harder.
For in there lies your growth. 
Believe in magic.
Dream big.

I wish you the light of the stars, the caress of the wind, and all the happiness you share with others. May today and everyday throughout 2017 be all you make them to be. 

(The purpose of the IWSG is to share and encourage, posting on the first Wednesday of each month. You'll find writer doubts and concerns without fear of appearing foolish or weak. Support and a common understanding spread throughout the group as many fellow writers can relate. Feel free to JOIN in anytime.)

WAIT! I'z haz news.... Seeing how I've had to cut down on blogging, I feel like I owe you a few updates. I'll make it quick:

Motley cracked the Amazon Top 100 Bestsellers (ebook) a few weeks back under children's book - Norse Mythology. #happydance

I had some amazing book signing experiences in the month of December. I'm still learning about sharing all these events with you, because that usually means I have to take pictures and I keep forgetting to do so. #mybad

I'm in the final prep work for Marked Beauty - my YA releasing at the end of March. Update soon... #workinglikeadog

I've become part of a well-known middle grade group, but I can't share just yet. #sorry

My favorite news (which some of you already know) is that Motley won 1st place for Best Children's Novel of 2016 by the New England Book Festival! I've been invited to an awards ceremony to be held at the end of January in Boston. :)  

Okay, now tell me your news, what you've been working on, and what you think your word to live out in 2017 is.



  1. Congrats on winning the book award and hitting the Amazon top list. That's awesome and you so deserve it after all you've gone through. Loved your inspiring post in general. Hoping we both have a fantastic year!

    1. Thank you. Hoping you have an amazing year! You truly deserve it. :)

  2. That's so awesome you won the book award. Congratulations!

    1. Thanks so much, Marcy! It's all kind of relative though, right? It happened, so we say YAY! But then we can't loose focus on what's important and just keep forging ahead. Thank you for the support.


  3. Hope is a fabulous word for the year. This post was so motivational. Just what I needed after a tough December. Thanks!

    Congrats on winning 1st place!!!

  4. What a hopeful and happy post! Hope gives us purpose when life knocks us down. Congratulations on the accolades for Motley--yay!

  5. Exciting news!! Congratulations!! It's always fun to win an award. I like your word HOPE for the new year. Sounds like a great word to keep us motivated through all the ups and downs. And we know we'll have them.

  6. Awesomeness all around! Sounds like 2017 is coming in with a bang, and let's keep it banging, eh? Cheese for you.

    1. Yes, hoping it keeps sounding like an awesome rock band. LOL Cheese works, but I need wine, too. And here's to you and all you've accomplished last year. I'm sure this year has all sorts of amazingness in store for you.


  7. Have someone take lots of pictures at the awards ceremony! That's so amazing! Congrats again!

  8. Great reflections and great news! Congrats on all of this, Sheri. You've worked hard and you deserve it.

  9. Happy 2017 Sheri! Congrats on winning and hope is the perfect word. Last year I chose gratitude and this year success. Started doing this last year when I saw a Christian blog with the host doing it and gave it a try. I believe it was one of the best decisions that I ever made. Never give up and your words today were very inspiring!

    2017 IWSG January Co-Host

    1. It's really a great idea! I literally stumbled upon it the night before last. To be honest, I'm not sure 'hope' is the right word for me right now. I feel like courage or to be courageous and step out of myself is what I really need. We'll see...

      All the blessings to you during this upcoming year!

  10. That's awesome it cracked a list.
    Without hope, what do we have to live for?
    Happy 2017!

  11. Congrats on the award that is awesome. Congrats on the Amazon ranking too. Love the verse in your post. Happy New Year.
    Juneta @ Writer's Gambit

  12. Hi Sheri - that's wonderful news - congratulations and more to come by the look of it. I haven't thought of one word ... but I definitely to do it now - ie get on and stop delaying ... as I can action things if my 'marbles' are all the right place and I'm not dancing all over the show ... good luck with all yours for 2017 - cheers Hilary

  13. Sounds like you had a very successful 2016 and 2017 will be even better. Congratulations on all your accomplishments. HOPE is a very good word.

  14. Wow! Congrats on all the success you've had with Motley Education. Sounds like you've got the momentum. Keep on truckin'.

  15. Congrats on your book award and happy new year! I love your word for the year... everyone needs hope in their lives. It's a beautiful message to spread. Blessings! =-)

  16. That was a lovely inspiring post and big congrats on all the good news about your Mg book and the new group. I've been at a standstill for 9 months. No writing, I only have time for social media and reviewing friends. I'm already ditching FB, soon I'll have to ditch IWSG too. For over a week I have to reply to IWSG commenters, and my hop takes two days. Since promoing isn't helping sales, I might as well ignore it and actually write something! LOL

  17. Believe in magic--I like that one!

    I'm so happy that Motley Education is doing so well. May it keep up!


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