Saturday, January 30, 2010

The Agent & Agents' Plight

So, I'm embarking on the exciting hunt for an agent. Prying with eyes of a vicious cat, I tap key after key, wanting, hoping, believing. Sweat beads just under the sprigs of baby hairs at my neckline, and I wipe my brow, hungry and longing. I see one possible and then another, thinking 'Yes!', and then slouch at my desk as my internet connection decides to have a seizure. Duh!

Okay, it isn't quite so physically demanding as that, but hoarding on websites and feasting on agent bio after bio after bio can start to make your eyes googly (yes, I'm using it), and jiggle like gelatin on way to many energy drinks. I can only image the daunting task the agents undertake. I read the other day on Nathan Bransford's blog that while he was on vacation he received 327 queries. Can you say 'crazy' and 'dang, he's popular?' But think about it. Their job is amazing. From the minuscule two paragraphs a writer creates to express the full body of their novel, the agent must decide whether it's worthy or for them, or simply hit the delete button, flushing yet another writer's hard work down the invisible conduit we call the internet link.

What about when they find that one, though: the writer they've been waiting for. I've decided, today, that's me. Wish me luck. ";-)


  1. more importantly than luck is a knock out query letter, an idea that makes them sit up and say, hmm! and an opening line that keeps them reading. no easy task, me thinks.

  2. I agree mshatch. I sure haven't stumbled on that perfect one but I'm good at getting rejections. Ugh. I like your site, Sheri!!

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  4. There's always a perfect one, ladies. With heads held high, it will come. And thanks, Mainely Marla for your kind words. I hope you visit often and I'd love to have you in our group.


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