Saturday, February 27, 2010

The 'Real' Mighty Pen

I'm going to share with you today a prelude to 'The pen is mightier than the sword'. Surely you've all heard that statement. True as it is, there must be a cataclysmic event of earth-shattering proportions prior to that might that gives that pen some ink--READING. Want to become a better writer.

Read, Read, and then Read some more.

Letting your brain swoon in the prose of delicately structured sentences to those mashed together with the force of a train-wreck, those that stimulate you to think, dream, and then act can make the difference between a good writer and a great one. Subconsciously, our brains stew on all that we feed it, and who knows where those thoughts might take us. The next NY Times Bestseller? It just may be.

Want a great book to increase your vocabulary? Click Here.


  1. You must've been snooping yesterday as I sat at the computer marking out different synonyms for "looked."

    Alright you caught me. Sometimes I need a little vocab rehab. Thanks for sharing, Sheri:)

  2. Ha...that's funny. I'm kind of a dork when it comes to vocab. Believe it or not too much vocab can be dangerous, too. I sometimes get in trouble with using too many words. But I love them...

  3. You're in good company, as I've been known to be-GASP-an overdescriber!


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