Monday, February 22, 2010

Monday Morning Munchies #5

In honor of my 2nd son's hockey team playing awesome this weekend and making it to the State game next weekend, of the USA Hockey Team's victory over Canada last night, and of the Olympics in general, I've decided to challenge us with creating a poem. Preferably sports themed, but any poem will do. Length doesn't matter. Give it a go!! I just did.


  1. Well, here's my feeble attempt.

    To focus and try again
    To practice and sweat
    To ache and bleed
    To rise and fall
    Have you learnt anything at all?
    Look around you. The work you do is not yours alone.
    Fall and rise together.
    Bleed and heal together.
    Practice and press on.
    We shall be prepared.
    Choose – Where will you shoot?
    It’s your … Decision.

  2. They resolve
    They evolve
    They are reborn. They morn.

    They hasten
    They chasten
    They stand tall. They fall.

    There is speed
    There is need
    There runs fears. They shed tears.

    Bound to fulfill

    I've never written poetry before, so although this isn't very good, it was a fun exercise to start my Monday.

    Thanks, Sheri!

    I found you on the YALITCHAT Ning. I'm a writer and mother of four too. Nice to meet you:)

  3. Ooh...mother x4!! So, people look at you funny, too, then??? Hah. Can't tell you how may times I've heard, "You guys are crazy." But, it's all good. Nice to meet you.

    Thanks for responding to my post. I know a lot of peeps aren't crazy about writing exercises, but I find it makes me think when otherwise I'd rather not. Seeing how this is my third week blogging, I thought it would also be a good way to arouse interest and meet people.

    Thanks again. I'll check you out on yalitchat, and your poem is just fine. :)

  4. I like writing exercises. It's fun to do something different. sorry no sports:( but it is poetry:

    black as hell

    my lover’s eyes are black;
    black as night
    black as crow
    black as ice
    black as sin
    black as patent leather
    glistening under the pale moonlight

    my lover’s hair is black;
    black as coal
    black as jet
    black as cat
    black as pitch
    black as the cold depths
    of the deep, dark sea

    my lover’s skin is black;
    black as ink
    black as space
    black as tar
    black as onyx
    black as a beetle’s carapace
    shimmering under a red, hot sun

    I think he knows
    When he touches me
    What I’ve done
    To hold him,
    Keep him,
    Tie him to me

    but his soul is as black as mine
    he does not care
    to mention the fact
    he does not dare
    to break the spell
    that binds us both
    and keeps us
    in this

  5. Marcy,

    Love, love, love this! Amazing you found so many comparisons to black. Thanks for doing this exercise!! The last part really got me. :)

  6. thanks, can't wait for next week's exercise :)


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