Sunday, February 7, 2010

The Write or Right Reasons

Does one truly need a reason to write? Is it right to always need one?

Some would say they have a reason or even many. Some would say it's paramount. Others would say it doesn't matter one bit. And still, some would say as long as their fingers are warmed up allowing their brain to track whatever happens to be bouncing around in there they are happy.

There is no 'write' or wrong here. As I've thumbed through blogs of successful writers and those on the recent brink of success (Kiersten White and Heather Hansen are great examples of amazing newcomers), I've noted a few key components that all successful writers seem to have: desire, motivation, the courage to network and get themselves out there, and an unwitting ability to keep the wheels turning despite rejection, writer's block, or life's sneaky little way of tossing up roadblocks.

Determination is the key. Always keeping the eye on the prize--published novelist--is a vicious task, but they master it with fearless dedication and devotion and the ability to put their desire and instinct of what they can accomplish ahead of any misgiving or snide opinion from anyone. (Everyone has an opinion. Take it for that; it's not gospel.) Some days they have a distinct reason or goal set in mind, while other days they simply get up and just write. But they always write.

In doing so, they not only gain incredible strides in their writing skills and techniques, they also find the true, unique writer within. We all have an inner voice: some are more simple, and some (yup, this would be me with a capital M), are more complicated.

So my answer to the infamous question is this: reasons are great motivators and can drive us to accomplish  remarkable feats far beyond our expectations. But on occasion, let your mind wander aimlessly, and for no reason at all--write. Some of the most amazing plot lines and characters have come from turning off the clutter in the brain.  

"Obstacles are what you see when you take your eye off the goal."

Never take your eye off the goal. I know I won't.

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