Friday, February 26, 2010

"you WILL get it done!!" so says the Query.

Hammered out a new query today. Well, I'd have to say that's how I'd done it in the past: stomping, trudging, and huffing all the way. Today I took a different approach. I smiled. I cheered myself on. I said 'attagirl'.

'K, I really didn't say that, but I like writing slang sometimes.

My point is--there really is a point here--perspective is everything. When I let that sniveling, pessimistic inner voice gnaw inside my head, I don't accomplish anything other than frustrating myself. Looking positively truly helps.

Over the past year, I've researched hundreds, maybe thousands of queries and have spent forever trying to write mine. I've tried modeling mine after this one, and then that one. Though studying and absorbing the wisdom from other writers is important, I think too much may be too much if we don't allow what we've learned to meld into our own writing, finding our own voice as a writer.

So today, I decided to listen to my inner writer and give my readers--potential agents and editors--my view of my female protagonist. I chose a more poignant glimpse of her, and it felt good to let it flow and be me, letting her be her. :)

One last note: Cramming your 100,000 word novel into two dinky paragraphs of about 150 words is tough. Do not every let anyone tell you differently. It's hard. But with a bright outlook and a belief in your project mixed with the desire to share your story, you WILL get it done. I promise.

See, I'm almost there...Thanks for listening. :D


  1. Aw, that's great! This helped me a lot. I get stuck on my writing so often and just need to step back and move on. Thanks!

  2. I agree a thousand percent that attitude is everything. Well, a little talent doesn't hurt. But really, looking through rose-colored glasses not only lifts the mood, but (I think) helps improve writing endurance. Because you believe you can.

  3. Ballerinablogger, I'm glad it was helpful.

    And Candyland, believing is 99% of success. I agree. Without it, even a success doesn't feel like it. :)

  4. Wow Sherri I like this alot I will visit it often hugs Lisa


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