Monday, March 1, 2010

Monday Morning Munchies #6

Morning All! Need to do a little bragging before I begin: my 2nd son's hockey team became State Champs yesterday!! Yay! They'll represent Maine in the Regionals two weeks from now in MA. Clap. Clap. Round of frozen hand applause...

Okay, back to the matter at hand--sorry for the pun. :D

In honor of such a wonderful accomplishment by a bunch of 13-15 year old boys and with so many of them being 'characters' in their own right, I decided to make this Character Week. I know I usually provide one exercise on Mondays, but this is a build upon exercise which will require only about 5 to 10 minutes each day this week. It will be fun and help us move our characters out of the rusty box of average and into a whole new stratosphere. Hope you enjoy it.

Step #1: Write a one sentence synopsis of a story. Make it brief. We're not writing a story here, just creating a setting to plunk the characters we will develop into. (Example: The girl went to the grocery store.) Simple. Concise. Direct. Just a setting.

Step #2: Chose six first names. (Don't skip ahead. There is a rhyme to my reason.)

Step #3: Now, pair up each first name with last names.

Step #4: Give each full name a job description, i.e. maid, doctor, street sweeper...

Step #5: Assign a gender label to each character.

That's it for today. What each of you have developed needs to settle and stew in your brains. Just wait until you see where you are headed tomorrow.

Happy writing & enjoy your day. It's crappy here: snow, sleet, and windy. Burrr.......


  1. The night sky glistened like a thousand camera flashes off the asphalt of the parking lot.

    First Names:

    With last names:
    Gema Thayer
    Randy Homer
    Maranda Cormier
    Jordan Sparro
    Spud Hawk
    Neil McCormick

    With Jobs:
    Gema Thayer - nurse
    Randy Homer - sheriff's 16-yr-old son
    Maranda Cormier - Randy's girlfriend
    Jordan Sparro - bully at school
    Spud Hawk - local bar owner
    Neil McCormick - chiropractor

    Gema Thayer - nurse (female)
    Randy Homer - sheriff's 16-yr-old child (male)
    Maranda Cormier - Randy's girlfriend (female)
    Jordan Sparro - bully at school (male)
    Spud Hawk - runaway (female)
    Neil McCormick - local doctor (male)

    Well, there you have mine. I have no idea where they're headed, but I'm sure it will get interesting. :)

  2. The smell of fresh produce and plastic bags tainted the heavy air in the supermarket.

    First names:

    First names with last names:
    Johnny Floyd
    Tyson Ayers
    Kevin Berry
    Viola Thorton
    Eveline Gabriel
    Mary Preston

    With jobs:
    Johnny Floyd – Bag boy
    Tyson Ayers – Store manager
    Kevin Berry – Married father of two, works as the owner of an auto repair shop.
    Mary Preston – Kevin’s wife
    Viola Thorton – 17 year old daughter of a single mother.
    Eveline Gabriel – Unemployed mother of 4

    Johnny Floyd (Male)
    Tyson Ayers (Male)
    Kevin Berry (Male)
    Mary Preston (Female)
    Viola Preston (Female)
    Eveline Gabriel (Female)

  3. These are great, Rhiannon. I already posted the next exercise for today. Check out my results. Kind of odd, but wait 'til tomorrow when we finish.
    Thanks for partaking. :D

  4. Thanks Sheri! I'm having a lot of fun with this. I started the next exercise and it was really interesting to see where things were going and where I wanted them to go. Thanks so much and I can't wait to do more!


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