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GRAFFITI WALL: Candace Ganger, Rockin' Writer with Heart

As most of you know, I opened up my Graffiti Wall last week. The place where any writer/illustrator can sprinkle the dankness of an alleyway with the color of their story and wisdom, sparking it with life. Well, we have our second guest. So exciting!

I'd like to introduce to you the voice behind Candyland, Candace Ganger.

Everyone welcome, Candace. Woots and applause echo the hall.

Candace, say hi. She graciously bows, taken by her audience.

Candace Ganger

Candace, it's wonderful to have you here. What made you start writing? Was it for fun or like journaling at first? When did writing professionally come into play?

I've always written, like most writers. My childhood was tough. Two things got me through: music and writing. Without them, who knows where I'd be now. Of course I had like five journals, then started writing song lyrics and poems once I learned guitar, and went on to stories. I didn't think “I have to be a published author” until a couple of years ago. The story of 9:59 Rewind always haunted me, because in part, it's based off of my life. So I'd write pieces here and there, but I was a musician then, so that came first. Finally after giving birth, I decided it's now or never.

So I take it 9:59 Rewind is your current project?

Yes.  I'm currently polishing/submitting it to agencies. It's my dark, edgy novel. She smiles.

Any special pre-exercises to start your writing? Coffee?

LOTS OF COFFEE. Procrastination seems to be my biggest motivator. Ironic, I know. With a 3yo in my face all day, it's hard to get in the zone unless I force myself to sit in front of the computer and write something—anything—every day. Usually once I start, you have to pry the laptop from my cold, dead fingers.

Hah, nice visual.

What do you enjoy writing about most and why?

I really admire paranormal/fantasy authors because I don't have the thought capacity for it. I tend to write contemporary and real. I like gritty, dark, disturbing stories that I think about long after.

Are you working on any other projects currently? 

Other than 9:59 Rewind, I have two other WIP, one a companion to 9:59 Rewind, and the other which is super top secret called Fumes.

Sounds interesting.

Having a child usually changes so much about us. How does your personal life come into play with your writing?

My daughter is my whole world. Everything I do, it's to show her the power of perseverance. One day, I hope she can look back and say “My mom never gave up and she made it.”

What has been your biggest lesson learned since you started writing? How can others apply that lesson to themselves?

OMG, the BIGGEST thing is NEVER query too soon. I've lost out on a lot of amazing agents because I was too eager. Make sure your work is in the best possible shape before you send it off. Otherwise, you might as well prepare for the rejection.

Bacon or sausage? Just mixing it up.

Funny. I don't eat pork! I was a vegetarian for years until I got pregnant. Now I eat chicken and beef sparingly.

Something else now we've learned, not just what you look like. Hah. For the main audience out there who doesn't know, Candace has kept most of her personal appearance a secret until today. I feel honored that she's revealed herself here.

What’s your take on social networking? Tell me about your personal blogs/websites, etc… and how they affect you, good and bad.

There's so many opportunities out there to network these days, it's insane. I think it's good and bad, though. It definitely gives the typical new author more chances to connect, but on the other hand, what happened to phone calls and personal visits?! It's all online now. And I can't talk because my main form of communication, even with my husband (!), is text and email. Yeah, I know...

Any advice for the novice out there reading this and thinking ‘Man, that sounds like a ton of work’?

Um, yeah. It IS a ton of work! I've rewritten 9:59 Rewind four times in the past year but I just want to make it better. It's what drives me. To write something people want to read. All the hard work, rejections, revisions, headaches, insomnia, worth every second.

I'm sure, a lot of writers would agree with you. 

Well Candace, as expected, it has been a pleasure, and we look forward to seeing your name on your first book jacket!! Thank you for sharing yourself with us. 

Want to see more of Candyland? Check out her blog and her profile forever here on the GRAFFITI WALL. 

(Interested in an interview? I'd love to have you. Email me: salarsen71@gmail.com.)


  1. Thanks for sharing this Sheri, and for giving the interview Candace, it's always interesting to hear other writers true stories. I love that being an example to your daughter, even before she can appreciate it, motivates you.

    Shameless self promotion:

    If you have time please stop by, read and comment on my guest post for today over at Justine Dell's blog:


    It's an interesting topic that will hopefully spark some discussion.


  2. Myyy ffaaccceeee....Ahhhh tthheee hhooorrrooooorrrr......
    *shields herself from the light*

  3. Thanks Ladies for another super insight!!

  4. OMG! I just discovered and began following this blog about half an hour ago! Hi Candace. :-)

  5. Hey Matt, I completely agree. An example for one's child is a great attribute.

    C.L., you need no shield from the harsh rays of scoping eyes...no anxiety. *Grin a mile wide* And I LUV your picture!!!!!

    Welcome, Shannon! So glad you found us. Got a lot of awesome folks here, including Ann Marie over yonder in Greece. ";-)

  6. Loved this interview! Thanks for the chance to get to know Candace better!

  7. You're welcome, Nicole. That's what the Graffiti Wall is all about. If you feel the need to take the plunge and splatter my wall with graffiti, feel free. I'd love to have you. Just give me a shout--really loud, though. I have four rugrats; I'm selectively deaf. ";-)

  8. Great interview ladies! Candace, I loved getting to know more about you AND finally getting to see your face!

  9. Good luck Candace with submitting. I think a lot of us start out and submit too early. Me included.

  10. Yeah, you know Natalie even though we should wait I think sometimes it's a good thing, to make that mistake. It give you a much clearer and faster view of the publishing world. Uh, instant. Sure, but for some of us...me...it was the kick in the pants needed. ";-) I got rejected, but heard some good advice and even a few compliments. Wouldn't have got those without that mistake. So I guess, maybe, it wasn't a full mistake, eh'.

    Thanks for visiting.


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