Monday, May 3, 2010


MONSTER MONDAYS: Got to love'em.

So firstly I want to thank each of you for your well wishes on Friday for my daughter and me. Everything went great! I figured I'd give you an overview of our activities prior to arrival. Why save you from the pre-show gitters, glitters, and Gwaks!! of our every move? 

You're Alleywalkers: tough, determined, and bold, and you as writers know each move must be recorded, painting a vivid picture for the reading audience.

1. Wash face...clean surfaces adhere better to makeup.

2. Tell daughter 25 times, 'It's time to get ready.'

3. Take minute fragments of Kate's hair, creating an intricate weave at the crown of her head, gather rest of her hair in an updo and curl with steamy ceramic curling iron. 

3. Use cement you can fight like crazy getting it out after.

4. Oh...don't forget the glitter...yeah, that's a blast getting that out after, not to mention that it leaves my bathroom looking like the remains of a rock concert gone bad.

5. Do my hair...Oh, I don't give a crap what it looks like. Done.

6. Apply Kate's makeup...eyes blinking, face twitching, all while she's constantly complaining that her nose itches. ";-)

7. Frantically apply my makeup...I'm not a huge fan of cake faces so this was tough.

8. Get dressed in fancy attire just so the moment we arrive at the theater...we change.

9. Pack EVERYTHING we own into the trunk of my car. And don't forget the flowers we bought each other that we picked up at the florists, brought home, now carry to the show, just so we can bring them back home. *Shrug, shrug*

10. Race like banshees to get there, get our spot in the dressing room, pass out flowers to other sweeties preparing for the show, take a ton of crazy photos...and breath.

So, here was the end result for Saturday night.

Granted, the intricate weave on the top of her hair and the long, lanky coils running down her back don't show in this picture, but trust me they're there. And the costumes were already loaded in the car. We'd forgotten to take a few pictures so this is all I've got. 

SIDE NOTE: top it all off, while I was busy this weekend, Becki of Confessions of a Bibliophile blog gave me an AWARD! Me. 

It's *LOVELY* Becki. Thanks so much!
It's really given me motivation to get something done today even though I'm completely exhausted.

The preparation for this past weekend got me thinking about writing and all the preparations I do before I begin to write. It differs whether I'm starting a new project or editing or continuing in a manuscript I've already begun. Other factors come into play, as well. How much time do I have today? Do we have appointments in the morning or afternoon? Is someone sick at home? 

What about you? How do you prepare to write? Do you have any little quirks that help self-motivate. Do you schedule all events up to the hilt including your writing time? Do you do finger exercises? (Smile.)

Cheerio, All!! Have a wonderful day!
(I think I might cheat and take a nap. I'm pooped.)


  1. You both look beautiful. I'm sure the performance went wonderfully.

    As to your question I don't have much preparation: I just write.

  2. Gorgeous picture. I wonder how the cement came out of the hair?

    I don't prepare either. I just get at it. :)

  3. LOVE the picture!!!!
    To prepare to fancy story. I just waste a whole bunch of time thinking about writing, and then, eventually, I write.

  4. Beautiful picture! As I prepare to write, I usually plan out the next scene in a notebook. It helps me know what I hope to accomplish and keeps me focused.

  5. You guys are so cute!!!!

    I prepare to write by walking around the house for a few minutes and grabbing all the snacks I know I will want the first minute I sit down. =)

  6. Lovely pic! I am so envious of curls....

  7. WOW - two REALLY photogenic BABES!!

    ER, which is you and which is your daughter Sheri?

    I don't really prepare to write...just come home late at night after teaching Greek (adorable) kiddies that ...honest...if you DON'T pronounce "sheet" correctly...then you REALLY ARE saying
    "There's a fresh shit on the bed...!"
    Greek hubby STILL pronounces it like that!

    Anyways...come home exhausted and then write myself to death till the early hours of the morning! Highly recommend it!

  8. You both look beautiful! What fun!

    I can't get my little girl to sit still to have her hair done. Yesterday I tried to put it in pigtails. She was quite happy to have a part in her hair and only one tail. I was left a frustrated Momma!

    I've not written anything more than a brief article in a very long time. I keep talking to my husband saying that something has to give, but there's never enough time or peace to really sit down and put pen to paper (so to speak). I have an idea though, but my confidence has been shot in the past few months. Very frustrating and disappointing.

    For that matter, I don't have any kind of a preparation period before I write. I know that it would be helpful and that I'd be inclined to be more productive, but so far I'm stuck in this regard.

  9. So beautiful! The hard work and craziness was worth it.


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