Friday, June 11, 2010


My daugther and I watched this clip the other day and laughed our @$$3$ off. Seriously, we must have watched it fifty times and laughed each time. This dog is irristitable. Wanted to send you off on another weekend with happy thoughts. 

You Alleywalkers are the best!! I'm so thankful you've chosen to be a part of my writing journey.

Spudgy thinking, "I can still hear the TV. See. I'm not sleeping."

"Oops, almost nodded off there."

"Hey, what'choo talkin' 'bout? I'm not tired."

With sound hollowing to his ears, his gruff mumble succumbs to the inevitable. 


A few labored breaths, a snort or two, and then...

"What?" Pushing his front paws into the matted carpet. "I didn't fall asleep." No, no...not me."

Sorry. You Tube disabled the embedding code. Grrr... You can watch this version, but for a better one, click on his name.

Courtesy TerritorioScuola

**~~WINNERS to my contest will be announced next week. i had more entries than i'd anticipated. need to be thorough. you are all awesome!!

One last important note: I've promised myself that I'd get a little more personal with y'all so...*big tear*, my baby--child #4, yes the fry kid from my contest photo--is officially a first grader. Today is the last day of school. No more kindergarten. I can't believe it. Summer begins...the rest TBA.  


  1. HA HA - Spudgy reminds me of ME when celebrating a romantic night home with hubby...

    YES - when those babies start growing up it's a really tearful time!

    loved the post Sheri!

  2. Enjoy the summer. Ours doesn't start till next Friday. My only baby will be in 8th grade next year. Yikes, high school is around the corner. Where does time go?

  3. Love the video! Dogs are so funny! (I have a funny dog video on my blog too!)

  4. That is so funny! Poor puppy needs a little nap!

    My baby is a first grader now too - it's hard to let them go, isn't it?

  5. Congrats on entering primary school #4. My number #1 is now a HS student. Oh the dread!

  6. AW spudgy! how cute! Congrats about your son. Whoah, reading that lime green font felt like I was looking into the sun! LOL

  7. loool so cute!!

    and congrats to your son!! he's a big boy now :D

  8. Aw! Cute!

    Congrats to your son! First grade is the best. =)

  9. awe, spudgy is a cutey! Kids grow up so fast don't they? My little girl is gonna be a first grader next year too! Still got three more weeks of school here though:)

  10. My baby just finished kindergarten, too. They grow so fast, don't they?!

    Have a wonderful weekend! :-)

  11. ahahahahaha that puppy is so cute. I want to squeeze him and hug him and love him and take him home. awwwwwwwww...

    and congrats to your first grader!!!!

  12. That is too funny! Can't wait for the winners...

  13. Cute dog. He reminds me of myself when I'm writing late at night/early in the morning. I must look like that when I nod off.

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  15. Hopping by from Book Blogger hop =)

    Happy Friday Hop!

    your blog looks awesome!


  16. Stopping by on the blog hop. My hop is here:

    Hope you're having a great blog hop weekend.



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