Friday, July 9, 2010


This uniformed commercial would like to announce my absence from the blogosphere for the next few days. Off to an ice hockey tournament we go in Massachusetts. Then the hubs has a two-day seminar in Boston, so we're staying. I should be able to get some work done in the hotel room, though. *winky, winky*

All right. On to bigger and badder things....

It's time for me to get naked, unclothed, shed my skin. I tend to be a private person...which I loath. I wish I could be more open and outgoing, fly by the seat of my pants.
Unless I'm on the hubs bad@$$ Victory motorcycle, 'cause that would hurt, not to mention cause a scene. 

People who know me think I'm this put-together go-getter with a scintillating personality.

They're wrong.

I had this interesting conversation with one of my high school friends the other day. We were chatting about kids, school, blah...blah. My daughter is close to her son's age, and we were talking about kids rounding the bend to that age where they start noticing each other for more than 'just friends'.

I'm not going to lie, and I'm not saying this just because she's my daughter. But my daughter is definitely beautiful. She has those high cheekbones, blonde hair naturally streaked with darker lights and even a little red, big icy blue eyes, an oval face and a tall, slender figure...uh, yeah...the boys are starting to notice. (This is when you regret praying for good-looking kids.)She's also a guy's girl, loving sports way over fashion or makeup. She's the girl in high school most of us loved to hate.

Anyway, my friend says to me, "You know where she gets it. You know you're pretty." And then she kept on with the conversation, leaving me stuck like melted chewing gum on her words. No. Really. I didn't know that. It never really occurred to me, and frankly it's something I could give three shits about. Everyone is beautiful in their own way, like, shape, form, whatev. I finally responded to her like it was nothing.

I probably should have gone into acting. Seriously. I'm really good at faking a lot of things. I came from a huge French-Canadian family--cheek squeezers and all. Any of you have any cheek-squeezers?? Good gosh did I hate that. I'd always give a wry grin, but my insides were belting, "Hey! Lady! Touch me again and I'll turn you into silly string and smear you all over the freaking wall!"

Deep breaths. Deep breaths.

So yeah, I've been faking at blogging. *Shields face with hands, dodging mushy tomatoes and mustard splatters* I attempt to compose a post with meaning, but the longer I blog the more I realize I don't know crap about writing, publishing, the business aspect of it, even grammar at times. (I just burped vomit, too. It's okay, I won't tell that grammar affects you that way,too.)

*Shoulders shrug and actually lighten.* I feel a little better. I have way more to say, but I'll leave that for segment 2.

So, anyone willing to get NAKED with me?? Pray Tell, my friends. What have you been hiding?

Don't forget to pay your weekly visit to the IMPETUS ROOM. You can also click on the tab above. Can't wait to find out the progress we all made during the past week.


  1. You're funny. Did you really not know what a lovely lady you are? And person too?

    I have nearly the same thing going on with my daughter, except she's more of a cool nerd than a tom-boy, but very beautiful. I think this is scarier for a dad than a mom.

    Today's guest blogger is Guinevere Rowell!

  2. AWW, well you are pretty, lady! And some days I feel like an imposter too!

  3. I'll get naked with you anytime.

  4. My daughter's pretty too. And I worry for her sometimes with guys.

    Have fun the next few days.

  5. just remember; there's nothing wrong with taking a break/vacation from writing. You could just have fun in Boston, you know ;)

  6. My daughter's pretty too and big time into boys and fashion . . . and she's only 6!!! I'm dreading the teen years. Of course maybe by then she'll be into Goth.

    Have a great break!

  7. Lets all skinnydip in the bloggymask hot tub! In truth, I'm not anywhere near as breezy or confident as some of my posts might lead to believe. Life.Is.Hard. Especially since I decided to give a career in writing my 'all'. It's a huge balancing act but its great to have friends on here like you, who know exactly what I'm going through. Makes me feel a little less insane. I have three daughters and I am dreading the days when boys perk up and notice....But not as much as my husband is dreading those days:)

  8. Yeah, I have grammar issues too. And the business stuff, I just dove in head first and soaked up as much as I could. SCBWI was a great help. It's all good.

  9. I'm the same way. I had a really interesting conversation with one of the ladies in my neighborhood. She mentioned how she imagined I was in high school (out going, lots of friends). I was just the opposite (shy, a few good close friends, awkward). But I feel that way still in real life even though I thought I'd out grow it. =)

  10. HA HA I am terrible with grammar too! Damn commas get me every time! Grr those little bastards. ;)

    As for the Kids (Yup got two good looking kids and people say daughter looks like me and son looks like Hubby) Super Screwed! Thanks great genes. =) I was the tomboy in high school maybe she will end up getting my luck, boys didn't notice me until I was a junior. *Fingers Crossed* Cause' they were scared i'd kickk their butt if they did break my heart. oops did I just type that? Yups. LOL

  11. Spelling is my nemesis. I thank Microsoft for spell-check every day. (and now Blogger, too)

    GO SILLY STRING. down with the cheek-pinchers.

  12. Girl, you waaaaaaay underestimate yourself! The beauty, the skills, all of it. But you know what? That's probably what makes you likable. Who wants to be around the super beautiful, crazy smart chick who KNOWS it? You're just right, and a huge player in this writing/blogging community.

    Enjoy the time with hubby and the winky winky!


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