Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Passing on Some SPAM!

I have the honor of passing on some BAM-BAM SPAM, today!! AWARDS. There are so many amazing bloggers out there, so many WORTHY! Ugg. So little time, so much to do, so many Alleywalkers deserving of some Wha-hoo!!! 

I humbly accepted this Versatile Blogger award like, um...forever ago from my wonderful bestie, Cheryl of Wandering (and wondering) through YA Lit. I am a slug. Ugg, again. (I think I must like the letter 'g'.) I am finally passing on the goods, my precious'.

Some of you have seen this, and some of you haven't so I'll elaborate. The rules of this award are to share seven things about yours truly and to pass it on to 15 more blogs I've recently discovered.
Oh'Tah, Buttweats! You asked for it.

1) I love chocolate! No I REALLY, REALLY love chocolate. Like fresh strawberries dipped in warm dark chocolate with a few glasses glass of red wine LOVE.

2) I've broken my nose, not once but twice. Yeah, big book deal is going to get me a new nose. I HATE my nose. I want the one I was born with. 

3) I am a MONDAY NIGHT HOTTIE. (I can't believe I just said that out loud. We don't have Pink Lady jackets or anything. Okay, some of us have sweatshirts.) Really, they are the wonderful woman, ages 23 to 60, that I dance with. They are my dancing angels.

4) No. I'm not telling you HOW I broke my nose-TWICE. Saving that for a later date.

5) I was a speaker at my high school baccalaureate. I made them cry...and laugh a ton...and no, I didn't trip in my three-inch heels up the freaking steps to the alter at church.

6) I was never the girl in high school to have a crush on any celebrity, hanging posters on my walls or buying teen mags. I was too busy fantasizing about my vampire and werewolf hunks. 

7) I was asked to enter a national pageant. I turned it down. Though I can prance with the best of them, I'm just not the frilly girl. *no apologies, either. not anymore. *grins* 

Now, for the really interesting part. Here's some newer blogs I've stumbled upon that are special to me, even if I have one-heck-of-a-time visiting often.

Kay Em Evans
KCBOOKS From Mom to Author & Everything in Between
Karsten Knight
Plot This
Nicole O'Dell
Read My Mind
The Siren's Song
Shannon Loves Cats and Zombies
Sharp Pen/Dull Sword
So, Write
The Daily Harrell
Totally the Bomb
Under the Fairy Dust
Watch Me Practice

There you have it, my fanGtastical Alleywalkers. Check out my friends' pads, and have a blast. I do have one more item to add. A list of Debut Authors for 2011 has been compiled on Goodreads. More are being added daily. Go vote for your favs. Authors Supporting Authors. ALWAYS! Thanks. 

Love <3


  1. Thanks for sharing more of the blogs you like. It's important that we get the word out about great bloggers.

  2. My gosh! I am so honored!!!! And I love your blog! I would be delighted to "graffiti" it up one day :)

    P.S. I was a dancer too :) Now, it's mainly my hip-hop and zumba classes, but I LOVE it!!!!! I even tried to get on dancing with the stars. ha!!

  3. I forgot to say that I love chocolate too! And even went with a renowned chocolatier to Oaxaxa Mexico (the birthplace of chocolate) to study it.

    Yeah. amazing

  4. Yay! Thanks soooo much. You are too sweet.

    Also, I'm dying to know how you broke your nose, so you better tell us soon! ;)

  5. Thanks, Sheri!! I'm honored. Like you, I LUV chocolate too much. I did enter pageants in middle school and let me tell you, you didn't miss out on anything. Placing in Martin County's Jr. Orange Bowl pageant entitled me to ride in a parade in the rain and judge a dog-owner look-alike contest. Not exactly glamorous :)

  6. I'm not sure how much it costs to fix a nose, but I hope you get a big enough deal to cover the cost! Not that I see anything wrong with the nose you have now.

    Of course, you've got us all hooked on the broken noses story.

  7. Chocolate and red wine is just about perfect :) And yay for not being a frilly girly girl!

  8. First, CONGRATS on your well deserved awardage! *throws confetti*

    And THANK YOU for passing it along to me. I'm honored and grateful.

    Okay, now to the meaty stuff...I LOVES dark chocolate, red wine (and champagne, and margaritas...), dancing, NFL, (oh, and I broke my nose in 6th grade playing tackle football-we called it 'smear the *****' back then- w/ the boys), but I do like to wear pink and heels sometimes. I def have my frilly moments. My point? We have much in common, girlfriend. :)

    Thanks again...and Happy Humpday!

  9. Thanks Sheri! I too love chocolate way too much!!!

  10. Thanks Sheri! Everything is better with chocolate!!!!

  11. Thanks for the shoutout, Sher! So honored to be in the same post as multiple nose breaks and refused beauty pageants.

  12. You all are wonderful. So proud and thankful to be around you. *grins, and readjusts nose*

  13. Thanks for posting these blogs! I'll be sure to check 'em out! And congrats on your awards- I want to know how you broke your nose twice! Holy cow! lol.

  14. Thanks for the shout-out!!! And, I totally want to be a Monday Night Hottie--that sounds like so much fun.


  15. Thanks so much!! So nice to be on that list with all those worthy blogs! I think I know most. The others I will check out.

  16. Okay, you broke your nose twice. Uhum, you have so got to be my backup. You know the person that you jump behind while you talk junk and pray the person you are talking junk to doesn't decide to take the hit. And your backup is standing right there in front of you ready to do damage - you are so her. *wink* I broke two fingers. No no, I'm not telling how either.


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