Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Revealing Works Wednesday

I heard a voice. It whispered, but not loud enough for me to understand. I ignored it. Went about my business of writing and blogging, laundry and dishes, thinking and creating. 

A gentle breeze floated through my backyard. The voice whispered again, louder this time. I was stunned, shocked, and slightly appalled. It was Ebony. You know Ebony Jade; I introduced you to her last week. 

She wanted a face. A. Real. Live. Face. Hmm... So I got my sketch pad out and started to doodle. Before I knew it, I had doodled large eyes, a heart-shaped face, and hair streaming in black, blue, and tinges of raspberry. A purple and black stripped tie hung from her neck and a dainty heart necklace snuggled close to her nape. Her shirt remained white.

I gather my subconscious was the talker...or, I wonder.... 

Psst. It's me. Ebony. Sheri freaked when she realized she'd only drawn my head. Ugg. She's been working on a smaller image, body attached; but alas, I remain legless. When she sketches me all up, I'll make sure she shares. I may have to pry myself from her. She's a tad possessive. Geez...

Want to see me??

Scroll down....

Just a little more....

Almost there.....

Voila!! ME: Ebony Jade

Have any of the characters you've created ever communed with you like I do with Sher?? Tell me. Tell me, I'm not alone.

Wowzz-ah!! & to all our new Alleywalkers: WELCOME!! Stay Tuned! I've got a cool contest coming up mid-July!!
And if you'd like to read a cool post on the inevitable FIRST IMPRESSION a main character must have with his/her main squeeze check out my post on Oasis, today!! I'd love your support.


  1. wow, that's a great picture. I dream (as in daydream) about my characters a lot (especially the mc and her love interest). But they don't commune with me. Would be cool if they did, though.

  2. This doesn't happen to me but that doesn't mean it's not awesome that it does for you. What a cool picture! I love the shape of her eyes.

  3. Hey Sheri,
    Cute picture! Yes, my characters yack at me all the time, and I've drawn them up too (it seems to quieten them down for a while, at least).

    Hopping over to Oasis now!

  4. Great picture! I can't draw for shizz. I love this character!

  5. I love it that you've drawn up your character!! She looks intense :)

  6. Like Stina, I spend a lot of time imagining my mc and her love interest.

    Yikes. Does that make me a voyeur?

  7. fun pic Sheri; I've always drawn my characters as well the places they live in. It helps me visualize. Oh, and I have maps, lots of maps.

  8. Cool! I'm with you -- both of you -- I need a character before I can write. Ideas just don't do it for me. Good luck getting your legs, Ebony. Ha!

  9. how cool!! it's so much fun to be able to visualize your own characters. it makes them so real!!

  10. I think that's when you know you've got a good one--when they're so real, you can see them. Best of luck~

  11. I've had characters begging to get out. Sometimes I'm just too busy and have to tell them to wait, but they just keep nagging. =)

  12. wow- you're more talented than I am in that domain. If my characters said 'I want a face' I'd tell them 'yeah, well you don't want me drawin it. Trust me.'

  13. You're not alone. Though my character would thank me for not drawing her.


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