Friday, July 16, 2010

Supporting an Author: Maggie Stiefvater

LINGER is HERE!!, released on Tuesday! Maggie Stiefvater is one of the most wonderful and inspiring authors I have ever met. Well, via cyberspace. Did I get'chya??? Were you al--most jealous?? Ah...someday, I'll meet her. *cheese*

Seriously. Each time I visit her site, she amazes me. And it's not because she's an amazingly talented writer--that in itself stalks me at night, hounding me to improve my own skill. No. She's a genuine person. Simple. This is the kind of writer person-in-general I'd do anything for. I think every time--if you know me, I rarely say every, always, or never--I've left a comment on her blog she's responded to me. How generous. I'm a writer nobody, not forever just presently undiscovered.

Like my recovery???? I've been working on the confidence bugger. ";-)

Can you tell I'm a fan? I'll be honest. I haven't read a ton of her work, and haven't even finished SHIVER. But I would buy anything she wrote because of who she is. Character does matter, peeps. Never forget that the blogosphere has eyes everywhere, and what you do or say does matter. We really can make a difference. For me--and I'm sure she has no clue--Maggie has made me want to be a better writer and uphold the craft.

I humbly thank her. BTW, she's a member of YAlitchat and we are so proud of her release.

On a recent visit to her site, she shared the song she most listened to during her pondering over LINGER. Check out that post HERE. It's a wonderful song and totally inspiring. Take a listen. It makes me want to a good way.

Want to support this wonderful author? Purchase LINGER here, and visit her website here. And oh, HERE'S another reason why she's so sweet. She talks about her journey, brainstorming over SHIVER AND LINGER. Lastly, Maggie is doing a live chat, Monday July 19th at 1:00 pm EST. Feel free to join in @mstiefvater.

Enjoy your weekend, Alleywalkers, and don't forget to update your goals for next week in the IMPETUS ROOM. 


  1. It always great meet writers who have crossed that golden threshold! Thanks for sharing this!


  2. Sweet! I can't wait to read! Woo hoo! Thanks Sheri! =D

  3. I started reading Shiver yesterday. It's pretty good

  4. OMG you're so right. Character absolutely matters no matter where you are. A little goes a long way in creating relationships with people online and off.

  5. I already have Shiver on my TBR, so now Linger goes on too. I need time to catch up on my reading!! Ugh.

    Go Maggie!

  6. Shiver was so good that I read the ending twice then I had to go read it to my husband because I was like, "Wow." But I pre-ordered Linger and it hasn't been shipped yet! :(

  7. I enjoyed Shiver, and will read Linger. Maggie Stiefvater is a talented writer, and seems like a nice person from her Facebook page.

  8. I adore Maggie Stiefvater and I've read all her books. She's a brilliant writer and she was so gracious when I interviewed her. I'm hoping to make it to one of her book signings here in CA to meet her in person. Fingers crossed :)

  9. I loved Shiver and can't wait to read Linger. I love all her books. And I follow her blog. She is such a nice person. I wish she'd do a book signing in Ann Arbor.


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