Monday, September 6, 2010

Do Writers Honor Labor Day?

Do writers honor labor day? Do they really get a day off?

Being a writer takes command of the written word. Reading, studying, and constant honing of the craft is a must for any writer to turn their passionate hobby into a worthwhile, life-sustaining career.
A writer never knows when the passion is going to strike. It could be in the middle of the grocery store line or at a traffic light. Going to dinner with friends, or hanging out at a local bar or club lends to a minion of situations that could stimulate ideas. Then there are those writers with children. Hew-eee, there are a ton of must-put-that-into-a-scene moments. 

So how does a writer turn it off? 

Simple: it's a choice. Yes, you may think you'll miss out on the next best thing to make your novel the epic it was meant to be.

But you won't. 

You, my friend, are the inspiration for your story. Think of it this way. One day you had this miraculous idea for a story and the image of a person--a real live human being (this applies to the paranormal and all poltergeists, too)--blotted to the forefront of your mind. You said, There, there's the one!

You felt it.
You dreamed it.
That fictional character spoke to you while you were in the shower, the car, and at a sporting event. Yeah, and so what? You talked back. Biggy.

See my point.

It came from inside of you. Somehow, that idea, that character stole ingredients from the pathways of your experiences and said, "I need to be heard." And you listened. You answered. 


So today, appreciate where you are as a writer, what you've learned, and know your ideas will still be here tomorrow and beyond. Hey, with a little R & R, they may even become bigger and brighter than before.

Happy Holiday, my precious Alleywalkers. <3 


  1. You're right! Sometimes we need to just unplug and take a step back. Enjoy the holiday :)

  2. Very true! Sometimes some time away can actually be quite beneficial. I can't wait for my vacation in ten days! Whoop!

  3. You're so right it's important to rest once in awhile. But sometimes it's nice to use the holidays for extra time to write, especially when you work full time. I think it's just important to listen to your inner self on that.

  4. I'm hoping my recent hiatus translates into a big long stretch of writing... I got hit with the inspiration last week, and now I can't wait to get back to it... wondering if I remember how... :D

    good stuff, hon~ <3 back to you!

  5. I couldn't agree more. My problem is that after a break, I have a hard time getting back in the saddle. :-)

  6. hi miss sheri! i like what you said cause you gotta take time for YOU and do some fun stuff. sometimes my brain gets just on an overload with stuff for stories. then i just stop and go have some fun. the ideas are still there but then they come at me more slow. im glad youre getting a rest. i hope you have a really nice day.
    ...smiles from lenny

  7. Ah, the power of choice. I take a day off of writing whenever I feel like it. I've been hiding this weekend, just because I can. :)

  8. Sometimes having a little time off is good. But I can't wait to get back and start writing again. Have a great Labor Day Sheri! =)

  9. It's funny how the best ideas come when you least expect it. But very true that they come from inside and there's no use searching for them everywhere. Sometimes you can just start writing about 'whatever' and before you know it, you've got a surprise character, surprise plot, suprise twists. Like the 'field of dreams'- If you build it, they will come...:)

  10. Plus quality family time is worth it ;--)

  11. Hi Sheri,
    I took a month off this summer, because I thought my muse had been stomped out by my bad attitude.

    But maybe I just needed a rest, because now I'm refreshed and brimming with ideas!

  12. Good for you, for taking the time off! We can't come back and write unless we're refreshed anyway. All that creation takes energy! :)


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