Monday, September 13, 2010

YOU Have to Read THIS!!

Newsflash!! Research of a Wannabe Writer at the Bon Jovi Concert

Friday afternoon, four hot mommies, aka flamin' hotties from an earlier era, gathered their umpteen bags, lush cooler filled with beer, wine, and um...purple stuff that was reeeallly good, and crackers after setting up their eleven kids between them with relatives, babysitters, and some strange guy who just offered, hauled @ss into a vehicle and soared over the roads of Maine, making their way to Foxboro, MA.

One, we'll call her 'The Princess', drove with her Coach shades shadowing her face and her blonde streaked hair flapping in the air conditioning. No open windows--it messes up the do. Her wing-girl--the maintenance-free, former-field-hockey-player-turned-coach--in the passenger seat read signs, guiding the foursomes' way.

The two ex-cheerleaders sat in the middle seats, one with her Droid permanently attached to her palm and the other--lost for words from leaving her laptop at home as instructed. Although her fingers were jittery and her stomach churning, she was able to overcome the urge to tackle her sidemate, rip her Droid from her hand, and start blogging. Proud moment.

Arrival at said destination didn't go as smoothly as planned. But once the girls found their hotel, they did what any 29-yr-old-forever pack of ladies would do: found food. Good gosh, you'd of thought they hadn't eaten since high school. (Well, seeing how most of them didn't eat much in high school, they were due.)

After ordering a bunch of yummy appetizers at the bar, the aim of their quest changed. Their 'adult thirst' needed quenching and what better then a stranger buying them a round of drinks. The four giggled like silly school girls again. Um, yeah, the alcohol had NOTHING to do with it, Mr.-nice-buying-them-drinks-guy.

Then of course the next feasible thing for them to do was pester the front desk, the bartender, the manager, and their waitress to see where the hot spots in town were. To their utter amazement--shock and horror, peeps--the local bowling alley, KING'S, turned into a bar after 10:30 p.m. With a disco ball.

With a disco ball. Yup...Nuf said.

As you can imagine this fed their happy-go-lucky-mommy-moods. I asked one of the ladies her opinion.

"Dang it! Are you kidding? How do you think we felt? No husbands. No kids. And we're in a town that doesn't have a decent bar!!"  the Droid owner threw up her hands, lavender-manicured fingernails matching nothing she wore.

Blondie aka 'Princess' gingerly tapped the manicured hand of the irate mommy. "I told you we should have stayed right in Boston. But no, you had to book our room here, in Dedham." She rolled her blue eyes like the eight ball missing the corner pocket.

After receiving a few seductive glares from the group of junior hockey players at the bar, the ladies trudged back to their room to make the most of the night.

And what did they do?

They took strange photos of their body parts and posted them on Facebook, luring their jealous friends back home into a guessing game. Whose toes are whose? They then used the same idea the next day while gathering at Cheers--the famous bar in Boston.

Whose drinks are whose? They had a bunch of old high school chums and townspeople duking it out on FB to declare a winner. The winner was awarded a cyber kiss which he ordered just the way he wanted it. To quote the hubs of the girl without her laptop, "Great I won. Now you all can kiss my cyber@ss!"

Reports flooded in about these luscious mommies and ran the gamut from sightings of them wandering the parking lot tailgating and singing karaoke, to meeting people from a nearby town in Maine in the potty line and swigging icy-cold pina coladas. But the most important bit of news is where they viewed the show. FROM THE BLESSED PIT, readers. Second row in the pit! Here's a few photos to prove it.
Yup, that's Kid Rock singing with Jon!

What a cutie...still.

And to top it off, the band gave the first two rows in the PIT their chairs. These lovely, normally frustrated and overworked mommies were given Bon Jovi chairs to take home.

Yeah, I think the girls had a hell of a time.

This photo was captured by the athletic
mom as the ladies took yet another rest.

Oh, one minor detail I left out. Look at all the people that were left when the girls exited Foxboro Stadium.
I guess concerts are for the young at heart, not the aging body.

To this, the Droid addict mommy commented, "Reporter dude, those chairs were heavy!"

Though the band will never read this, major Hotheads go out to them for putting on an awesome show, and for giving these moms a much-deserved weekend and their new CHAIRS!! But rocker dudes, you really gave these lovelies something even more valuable.

Through the over-active use of the ex-cheerleaders Droid, these four were able to lead, include, and keep the most important people in their lives with them: the reason they do what they do each day--their families. These four ladies are thankful for the weekend, their friendship, and the people who shared their days with them.

Here's a bit of Kid Rock, if you're interested. But pwwease, you must SCROLL down to see something even better.

LISTEN to this som'n extrah...just for a bit. Here's a little video from the second row of the pit!! Try to ignore the girls' horrendous singing and listen to Jon Jon. But honestly, I think these ladies ROCKED Gillette Stadium just fine.

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  1. sounds like somebody had a blast :)

  2. Awesome, sounds like you all had a great time!

  3. That sounds like so much fun! I'm glad you had so much fun! :D

  4. I'm glad you had so much fun! It looks amazing!

  5. I was soooo excited when they started playing Living On A Pray during the encore. I was beginning to think they weren't going to play it at all.

    Lucky about the chairs. They didn't give any away at my concert.

    Loved hearing about your adventures. :D

  6. Sounds like just what the doctor ordered! :) I'm glad you had fun!

  7. Wow. It sounds like you ladies had way too much fun for the mommies of 11 children! Way to go! :-)

  8. Holy crap! What an amazing time -- I could feel your excitement in the post. :)

  9. too much fun! You know they're coming down here to play on the coast? A buncha folks are going... I might have to crash~ :D

  10. Notice these ladies had to go "out of state" to hide from their families! They are not allowed back in Mass!

    Great story!

  11. What a fun weekend (or pre-weekend Friday)! I'm glad you enjoyed the concert!

  12. How fun! It sounds like you had a blast! And you got to keep the chairs! Score! =)

  13. I loved it all, but I really <B the toes.

  14. Sounds like you all had a blast! I saw Bon Jovi in concert once and keep telling hubby that I'm dying to go again. It was that awesome. But then you already know that.

  15. Bon Jovi rocks and Jon is absolutely adorable. It almost isn't fair how much cuter he gets with each passing year.

    Glad you had such a good time!

  16. Very very very cool! I'm so glad you had so much fun...Thanks for sharing it with us. :)

  17. Thanks, everyone, for stopping by and reading this story. We really did have a blast. It was long overdo, too. Hah.

    @Kelly, I couldn't agree more! Thanks for the visit.

    @C.Lee, we'll chat about the toes. LOL.

    @ Anonymous, We will be back. HAH.

  18. OMg I love those awesome and pretty ladies!

  19. What a cute recap! I enjoyed reading it, even tho I wasn't there... sounds like a great time... i totally would've been the one with the droid attached to my palm.... lol!


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