Friday, October 8, 2010


Okay, so it's really not part II of my Get Naked series. I had intended on getting that post written forever ago but the Alleyway has been taken over by author interviews and book reviews. It's been great, but time for a break.

So instead of my using my original road map for exposing my otherwise private parts, I'm implementing a tagged session. Yeah, I've been asked to join in on 4 THINGS by Kari over on
 Under the Fairy Dust*Sigh* I must oblige. *cheeky grin, hoping you all aren't bored with the goodies about me*

4 THINGS my purse: sm. notebook, pen, lipstick, & mini flashlight--don't ask.

...on my desk: magnet about great women, Dove chocolate wrapper, Withering Heights, & wooden blocks that spell out WICKED ~ Oh, yeah.

...I've always wanted to do (but haven't yet): gone white-water rafting, jumped out of airplane, swim in the Pacific, & visit Greece ('hi' Jess!!).

...I enjoy very  much at the moment: the quiet, catching up on blog posts, seeing Kate--knowing her surgery was a major success, & thinking about sleeping. I can't get out of my head: 
Lips of an Angel
Lay Your Hands On Me
The Crow and The Butterfly
& that old McDonald's song: Big Mac, Filet-o-fish, Quarter pounder, French fries... don't know about me: 
I was a Catholic school girl
I had two nicknames in high school: Meech & Sherbear (gosh, I always hated that one)
I was Homecoming & Prom Queen (I've got a great YA story about this one) 
I've been bitten in the face by a dog--twice. (Yeah, pretty similar to the nose thang I still have to come clean about.)   

Was that a tad too BARE for you? LOL. 

So, here's the deal: I'm tagging any of you reading this post who have not yet been tagged or want to share info about yourself. Have at it...You're on the honor system and the Alley has eyes.....

Ooh, and enter my Scare Me writer's contest for October!! And go check out iggi & gabi for their Weekend Blog Party!!
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  1. Oh let's see my purse - notebook/pen (for writing story ideas) gum and highlighter for highlighting pages of my mss I carry with me to edit
    ...I've always wanted to do (but haven't yet): Hot Air Balooning I can't get out of my head: I'm A Survivor by Destiny's Child don't know about me: I was raised by my great-gran most of the time, I lived in the inner city and opened the door on my Uncle who was bloody from being mugged when I was 12yrs, I paid my way through college by working 3 jobs and one was an English Tutor. My brother's best friend shot me in the head with a bee-bee gun and the bee-bee is still left in my head.

  2. You were homecoming and prom queen? I'm impressed! The whole dog biting face thing is a bit scary. Of course, I don't have a great rep with bit teethy dogs.
    Have a great weekend Sheri! =D

  3. @Carolyn, it really wasn't all that impressive. I forgot to add that both my 'queen' experiences come with wonderful horror. Seriously. I hated winning; it sucked. But...that's another blog post. lol

    @LM, Hah...nice ones. As always, you RAWK!

  4. I this was way cool.

    We don't have homecoming queens in Canada. Actually, we don't have homecoming. I'm sure that'll change. We used to not have the prom. We had grad night, but it got changed to the prom. Same thing, though. ;)

    Glad to hear that Kate is doing well. :D

  5. supercool! Miss Homecoming! :D But bit in the *face*??? Sheri! Jeez louise--that's awful... :o\

    Glad Kate's doing well--yay! :o) <3

  6. That was such a fun tag! You must have been UBER popular to be both Homecoming AND Prom queen! :-)

  7. Hah, Shannon, not really. Just a small town.

  8. ...icy coke, thick shake, sundaes and apple pie!

    I totally remember that Mc Donald's song! Hey, I saw you on the Muse chat room today. I saw you aren't pitching this time around, but you'll be ready for the next one!

    I'm pitching on Tuesday. Fingers crossed :)

  9. Hi Sheri! Thanks for the shoutout and awesome lists! Homecoming and prom queen...? Oh my. I gotta hear that story.

  10. Bitten in the face by a dog -- twice? Same dog, different occasions? Same dog, one incident? Two different dogs? Were you run down by a pack? My imagination is running wild!

    I'm glad your daughter's surgery was successful and that she's at the point of dodging doctor's orders (I think I saw that on FB).

    Funny you mention jumping out of an airplane. I just listed that in another blog comment as something I would *never* do.

  11. Homecoming Queen and Prom Queen?! Geez. Picture?

    I'm sorry about the dog biting you in the face 2x. I got bitten in the leg once when I was 7, and that was traumatic.


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