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I had intended on sharing more of my picture book experience with you, today, but I've been diverted--in a good way. Christine over on Christine's Journey had a great post on Monday. She was feeling under the weather--hope you feel better--so she decided to ask her followers about their WIPs.

I thought, "What better way for me to leap into sharing more of myself as a writer/mom/crazy lady with my peeps than this?"

So here goes. I've pasted her questions directly from her blog post.

Christine asked, "For your current work in progress..."

What inspired you to write it?
Ooh, there are so many elements that inspired me to write MARKED BEAUTY. I'll list them in phrases.
- my first attempt at writing a YA novel, TYMELESS, was so hideous. 
- a desire not to give up on Tymeless, but the brains to know I needed a fresh start.
- I'm a love sap. Period.
- everything about the paranormal excites me, and I wanted to prove that a story encompassing a paranormal idea could be humanized. I believe I've done that with MB. ('s a good thing I didn't name it Beauty Marked. The acronym would be silly, not to mention embarrassing.)

What stage are you at (developing, research, outline, first draft, revisions, etc.)?
- she's off in the hands of two amazingly talented pubbed-up author friends who are both line-editing for me. 

- My query and first pages are posted over on my other home, YALitchat. So any yalitchatters here, I'd love it if you'd take a gander over there and take a peek at my work. You're opinion and advice is invaluable to me.

- I'm in synopsis hell. 'Nuf said.

How long have you been working on it?
- hum...wrote first draft in 5 months, put it away and started two other projects. (You can see them in my sidebar.)
- revised for about three months, and then I made that decision to convert the ms from 3rd to 1st POV, remember. That took me three weeks. I spent the last two weeks combing-through the ms.
- I guess that would be a total of around 9ish months.

Any word counts you would like to share?
- sure, 73,000

Are you having fun with it?
- a blast!! My 11-yr-old daughter (soon to be 12 on the 25th) is my biggest advocate. She's at that age where the idea of love and prince charming has started to grab her. She's enthralled with my male lead. Sharing with her has really brought us closer.

Anything else you would like to add?
- next week, I'll be taking a week-long hiatus from writing and probably blogging. I'll be concentrating on reading two novels for blog tours I'm involved in, beta reading for two awesome authors who I'm learning a ton from, and critiquing over on YAlitchat. I'll also be hammering out two solid outlines for the works in my sidebar.

So Alleywalkers, want to share your WIP with me?? I'd love to hear where you are.

SPLAT: I posted some cool links over on Oasis for YA, yesterday. 


  1. I'm converting my wip from two third-person POVs to two first-person POVs right now. It's taking a lot, lot longer than three weeks, but I'm doing a lot of other revisions at the same time. Best of luck with MB!

  2. Best of luck and thanks for sharing.

  3. Wow, I'm amazed on how fast you produce. Right now I'm almost done with the first 2 chapters of my second book and moving onto 3 & 4. If I can do 2 chapters a week, I'd feel good about my progress.

  4. I'm fine tuning both of my manuscripts and then I plan to start something brand spanking new!

    Sounds like you have been working super hard! Well Done!

  5. Thanks, Renae. I guess I have been hard at work. I tend not to notice how productive I am until the work is trudging toward completion. I always feel like I could do more. I'm an engine with no off button. Sometimes that's good, sometimes not so good. Hah.

    Good luck with all your work. You all are working just as hard as me. Can't wait to read your material!

  6. I'm waiting for final feedback on my first chapter revisions and on my query (which I had to rewrite portions of due to my new chapter), then I'm back to querying again.

    I've written about 21000 words on my new wip. :D

  7. Man, I haven't taken a hiatus from writing in so long! Maybe I'm due. I suppose Thanksgiving I'll take a couple days off! Kind of looking forward to it, and yet dreading the anxiety I'll likely have!

    Good luck with your synopsis, hon! You'll do a great job! An great job getting that ms finished and to your writing friends! Mega milestone!

  8. I'm 100 pages into my YA WIP. The core idea came to me one night getting ready for bed, when I thought I heard a noise in the living room...and I thought whoa, what creepy thing could be out there? Could I have a MC investigate, and find something truly horrifying? And SAFE ZONE was born.

  9. I'm 27k into a new WIP. I have one novel I jsut need to polish up the query letter before I query it. I have another story that I'm revising before that one's ready to query. So much work to do, but it's all very fun for me right now.

  10. I love the title of your WIP! Whatever happens with it, I hope you are able to keep "Marked Beauty."

  11. I'm done outlining and now I'm on chapter 2!

  12. You know what I'm up to, but wanted to check in to let you know I was here! :o)

  13. Hey Sheri,
    I have a new WIP, untitled as of yet, and I'm 12,000 words in. It's starting to get very exciting!

  14. Wow. Your blog looks great, Sheri!

    I took a short break from querying my chapter book MS to beef up the opening chapters. Nearly done. Then, back to query wars. :-)

  15. All of your stories sound amazing and look at all the work we've put out collectively. Wow. You all need to give yourselves a round of applause. I'm clapping for, I'll vlog that once I figure out how. lol

  16. So cool to know all that about your WIP, Sheri! Right now I'm taking a lot of feeback from some agents and incorporating them into two WIPs. We'll see how things go from there.

    Have a great week!

  17. Wow, you're busy! I'm impressed how you took her questions and turned it into an interview on your blog. ;)

    My WiP is the process of refined editing. I have 39 more chapters to go. ;)

    you have an award!

  18. I just finished the final polish on my YA sequel. Now I can get back to my MG manuscript. Jumping between angels and Celtic warriors is really messing with my head! :-)

  19. I can't believe how fast you write. I'm so jealous. I write very, very slow. Well, I can't wait to see the results.

  20. Your blog background is amazing I love it! I have written three novels this year, one in 5 weeks, one in 14 days and then another in 5 days. Now I'm revising them, this is harder but I'm pushing as hard as I can to make it happen!

  21. I love your new look! Fun post, too:)

  22. Aww, I love that your daughter is crushing on your character, and that it brought you closer. So sweet!

  23. Nice work!

    I'm rewriting my YA dystopian. I loved the characters, but the plot was wonky, so I scrapped it and started over with an outline. So far, so good, but it's slow going--nothing near Nano proportions.

    Have fun with reading! :D

  24. Doh. I'm querying my memoir and biting my nails. That, and starting a new WIP.

  25. Great interview! What a fun post! =)

  26. Your daughter sounds adorable! Mine are an inspiration to me, too.


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