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Marvelous Middle Grade Monday ~ The Samantha Granger Experiment: FUSED Reviewed

I am thrilled to be a part of Shannon Whitney Messenger's Marvelous Middle Grade Mondays!! and also to be in the company of other authors who partake like Shannon O'Donnell!

Do I sound too excited?? If so, I apologize. Here, come on take it. It's cotton for your ears.

I have a Middle Grade book review for you from a fabulous debut author. (Can't wait for her interview. Hee...she's wonderful.) I'm anxious to pass this along to you, not just because I believe the author is a talent, but because my daughter kifed the book from me and reviewed it herself over on Oasis for YA before I could.

Title: The Samantha Granger Experiment: FUSED
Author: Kari Lee Townsend
Genre: Middle Grade Fantasy
Publisher: Sourcebooks/Jabberwocky (Nov. 2010)
Pages: 208

My favorite line: Not to mention I'll look like a total spaz with my head tipping north, south, east, and west.

Description: When you make a face or cross your eyes, do your parents tease that if you're not careful, your face might stay that way forever?

Well, my parents said that if I'm not careful, I'll turn into one of my gadgets.

I thought they were joking, people!

But-somehow, someway-I have become a living, breathing, walking piece of technology. Apparently my head now has a built-in GPS and my palm is equipped with talking and texting capabilities-just like my cell phone!

Now I'm a techno-superhero with powers that seem to have a mind of their own. And, in my case, keeping a secret identity is harder than it sounds. I short-circuit every time Trevor Hamilton looks my way.

Like being a girl isn't stressful enough.

A must MG read for any middle grader.
I really did like it that much.

Surprising, edgy, with humor to boot, Samantha Granger is a vibrant yet earthy 7th grader with a problem. Her hand starts acting like her missing cell phone after she has a strange encounter with some foreign space rock in the backwoods. Sam's friendship with her girly best friend is believable as is her crush on the junior high heartthrob, Trevor. This story is a fun, fast-paced read that should appeal to as many boys of middle grade age as girls. The voice was easy and authentically MG and so was the vocabulary.

Oh, and after you read the book, you'll understand why the cover and my favorite line are so fitting. They're so Samantha!

Can't wait to see where Kara will take dear Samantha next...

The book is available at Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

OH, and I did my first interview. It's posted over on Ebyss' blog, today! If you're interested in reading more about me, go HERE. Thanks!

QUICK SPLAT: I've decided to start posting on Tuesdays instead of Wednesdays, and occasional odd days to promote contests & giveaways for other authors. The hubs switched his day of from W to T's about 4 months ago. While the kids are in school, it's our only time to get any household needs accomplished. So my schedule will be M-T-F. 
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  1. Thanks for the great review. I'm adding this one to my list!

  2. Great post. I'm so glad you're spotlighting middle grade books. They need some of us to give them more attention. YA just gets so much buzz. This sounds like a great book.

  3. Awww, thanks for the fabulous review. I had a blast writing Samantha Granger :-)

  4. I love this cover. Plus it seems like a fun book through and through. *Adds to list*

  5. That is a super cute cover! I wish I had a middle grader to buy it for.

  6. Sounds like a really fun book. Plus my name is Samantha. So it must be good, right?

  7. Thanks for the great review.
    I agree that posting three times a week is very doable!

  8. Interesting concept. Thanks for sharing.

  9. Awesome! I have never heard of this one, and it sounds wonderful. Yay! Thanks for the bubbly review, Sheri. I'll be picking up a copy. :-)

  10. Sounds FANTASTIC! I love that line too!

  11. Sounds like so much fun! I love the cover too.

  12. I remember hearing about this book a while back. Looks like a fun one!

  13. Wow so much love!!! I love the cover and I love your love for the novel. It has me wanting to pick it up and read it for MYSELF!

  14. My daughter LOVED this book. Said it was the best she'd ever read.

  15. Love the cover. Looks like a great read for kids. Thanks for sharing.

  16. What a clever book idea! Love it, and love the cover too.

    And btw, I got your goodies in the mail today. Thank you soooo much!

  17. I'll definitely be taking a look at this one. It looks like such fun!


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