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This weekend welcomes a special holiday, Mother's Day. I don't know about you, but my norm MD Day consists of rushing to ready the kids for Church (with my older ones, now it's bellowing "GET UP!"), make a big meal, clean up, do the whole dessert thing with the parents x2, and maybe sit for five minutes. Oh, and can't forget some sports on TV. :)

That's what mothers do ~ We do whatever is needed. 

If you've been a mother for any length of time then you know it's like being compelled ~ there are few self thoughts.

*Haha...and the vamps think they're all that.*

All is focused on those placed in our care. We can't help it.

And if you're a writing mother, you put the same coddling, care, and caress into each story you write and each character you create. You are a mover. A motivator. Whether a sweet picture book story or a lengthy novel, you inspire and teach.

You are a true hero to your families and the publishing world.

To our agent, editor, or publisher moms, the influence and dedication you have for your writers/clients and love of the written word is also appreciated. This is for you, too.

I give each of you this AWARD. You deserve it on so many levels. Thank you for being my writing/blogging friend and sharing in my journey towards publication. Take this award and place it proudly on your blog. If you don't have a blog just yet, save it for your website that will promote your inevitable book sales!!

Just smile.

Here's a few motherly memories from my seventeen + years as a mother.

~ 3yr old son drops his draws in the middle of the parking lot. My face pales. I yell, "Jake!" He says, "I'm peeing, hold on."

~ While making a craft using beads with my 4yr old daughter, she decides to sniff a bead to see if it smells. Yup, we're off to the emergency room with a bead stuck up her nose. (REALLY!)

~ 12yr old son (1st week of junior high) walks up our front porch with the innards of his knee literally dangling  down to his calf and says, "Um...something's wrong." Then looks down at his knee and completely freaks out. Yes, another emergency room visit.

~ 2 1/2yr old son, ATTEMPTS to go to the bathroom by himself. Well, his little arms aren't quite long enough to properly reach all the way around his skinny body. He wipes once. And yes, gets it all over that hand. Instead of asking for help, he uses the other hand which becomes covered, too. So he decides to wipe it on his chest to clean his hands.

Logical, right?? *to a 2yr old*

Needless to say, his finale is to paint the entire white, porcelian toilet in what looks like brown mud (ooh, it was so not mud!) as well as the walls, door--knob and all--and his whole body. When I found him, this writer-mother SERIOUSLY had no words.

Won't you share one memory of being a mom with me?? If you're a father, lets here one about your mom or wife.

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  1. I've SO been there! But I think I've blocked most of those out. :)

    I remember reading The Going to Bed Book over and over until my little one (worked for each of them) fell asleep in my arms in the rocking chair...and that my arm was usually numb by the time that happened!

    Happy Mother's Day!

  2. Sheri, this is very sweet of you! Here's a very recent mom memory from just yesterday. I asked my daughter to clean up her books and her reply was, "Why don't you do it? You're in there." She's only four so I'm thinking I'm in big trouble.

    Happy Mother's Day, Sheri!

  3. I show up as mystery reader at my 8 year old's classroom (for only the 2nd time this schoolyear) and his first word is, "Again?"

  4. AWWWW! THANK YOU, I shall display it proudly.

    I love your stories! My little guy swallowed a quarter last year and it was one of the scariest times (as it was going down) and then one of the funniest as he "investigated" the toilet for the next week!

  5. Oh yes. Well, Lily fell in a grocery store and broke her front tooth in half when she was two. She's also the only one of my kids that has had us going to the hospital (so far)- one for convulsions from a fever and the other time from a major asthma attack. My dauther Julie once dissapeared for over an hour and waited until we'd called the cops to show up 9 (she'd been hiding under her bed. I thought my husband had looked. He thought I had. and she wasn't responding to anyone) Lucy's my worst though. She's knocked herself unconscious while playing on the couch, ran into a pond fully clothed in the middle of autumn and puts her life in danger on a pretty regular basis. I tell people she's on 24 hour suicide watch.

  6. I still can't believe you've been a mom for 17 years. Wow! I'm still getting over the shock that my oldest is 11.

  7. Too funny! There are so many little details... I love how my kids called sandwiches "sandmos." And I have recordings of my oldest trying to say "peanuts" -- delete the "t" and you'll understand. Hysterical comming from a 2 year old.
    Of course, she also likes to remind me still about the time she threw up in MY bed (yum!) and my youngest (a girl) did try to use the potty like a boy despite her lack of "equipment." They drive me nuts, but I wouldn't trade it for the world. Happy Mother's Day, Sher, and to all the other moms out there.

  8. Love this post!! Happy Mother's Day, Sheri. :-)

  9. This is beautiful!! And thanks so much for thinking of the rest of us moms. See? You're still thinking of others, just like a true mom. :)

    We've had one emergency room visit, and I don't ever want another. My youngest son was four, and he and his older brother were playing on the couch. I left the room for two seconds, heard a loud thud, then a scream of pain. Youngest had fallen off the couch, right into the coffee table. The top of his ear was nearly cut through, so we were off to the ER. Since it was his ear, they had to use a topical numbing agent, and it didn't quite numb everything. The poor guy could feel the needle as they stitched his ear back together, and each of his screams was like someone stabbing me in the heart, then twisting the blade. It was almost more than I could bear.

    The good thing that came out of it is that they are both more careful when they play around the house now. That incident in the ER is seared into both of their memories, and neither wants to go back. :)

  10. Thanks Sheri! Love the award. Love those memories. It is AWESOME to be a mom!

  11. Awesome award! I haven't had too many stories like that considering my oldest is only 2 1/2. He hasn't shown any signs of being ready for potty training yet. He can't stand to not have bottoms on so until that changes, he ain't ready.

    Let's see... when he was maybe one, I bent down and asked for a hug. He started to run to me with his arms spread wide but stopped when the TV changed to a car commercial. He changed directions to the TV, watched the commercial, then ran to me to give me my hug. lol He's a car nut already.

  12. Bless. Beautiful award. I'm not a mum but I am a stepmum, so I have lots of tales from when my stepkids were younger. Some funny. Some a nightmare. Once my stepson put is hand through a glass door. It was a good job i'm not frightened of blood!

  13. He peed in the parking lot?! LOL! Oh wow, being a mom is no easy task, for sure! Happy early Mother's Day to you all! You are much loved, and much appreciated.

  14. Ha! You had me laughing out loud with some of those memories:)

    Thanks for the mom shout out. My sister and Iwere talking just the other day about the plans we had for our mom and moms-in-laws and she stopped and said, "wait, who is going to do this for us? We're moms too." You are's just what we do.

  15. Oh, so much to look forward to with my boy...
    Happy M-Day to you :)

  16. I have three sons-- they keep me so entertained. (=

  17. This is so awesome. Great post and loved reading the comments. My memory: I was trying to explain to my 3yo son, who had a bad cold and was seriously congested, why I had to squirt saline up his nose. When I was finished, he gave me a very skeptical look and said, "But Mommy, how can salt water DEFEAT the boogers?"

  18. So awesome! Some of my best mom memories are the weird things that my kids say. Like, "My butt hiccupped" when my littlest one passed gas. Sorry about the bathroom humor but it comes with the job!

  19. *Snort* What great memories!

    We had to rush my youngest to the hospital when he was only 9 months old or so. I thought he swallowed a fake food wedge of cheese but after waiting for hours and hours and taking multiple sets of x-rays... It turned out to be a corner of a soy sauce packet that was scratching his throat.

    Most expensive take-out dinner ever.

  20. Ha, ha, ha! Love that first one! It would make a good scene in a book!

    Last year my family asked what I wanted for Mother's Day. I asked them to go away for an afternoon and leave me alone to write.

    Was that too awful?
    They did it and had a good time at whatever it was they did.
    I enjoyed my time, too.

  21. Thank you Sheri. My UofF daughter and her fiance are coming home for the weekend so I will have all 4 of my children together again--for a few hours at least. It's tough when they start leaving home.

  22. I love the poo one but I'm thankful my son never did that. He saved all his naughtiness for when he was a teen, like all the times he took my car (before he had a license), which was sitting at my work cuz I was driving a company car. Little did I know...

    ps thanks for the award :)

  23. Great post, Sheri! Loved the stories. :)

    When we first moved out of Saint Louis to Iowa my teenage daughter and I were driving out in the country. All of a sudden she pipes up, "How do the deer know they are supposed to cross by that sign?" It still makes me laugh everytime I think about that conversation. :)

  24. Great memories - thanks for sharing!
    Happy Mother's Day!

  25. Hilarious. Great memories. My kids are teens but just a few weeks ago, one of them was being questioned as to why the dog was so sick (he's allergic to wheat), she said she had no idea, he only had a bagel, he didn't have any wheat. Ugh. My other daughter (15 at the time) wanted to go swimming with some friends but her monthly friend was visiting. I suggested a tampon...Her reply: "If you think I'm swimming around a pool all day with one of those things stuck up my butt, you've got another thing coming." Needless to say, we had a very long talk after that. LOL.

  26. Oh those are classic!! LOL! I'm hoping I don't have to make the emergency room trips, but I'm sure my day will come.
    My 4 year old daughter asked me the other day with a perfectly straight face, "Mom, why don't you know very much about stuff?"
    Argh! Dagger to the heart. Took me awhile to get over that. lol SHe is such a sass.

    Have a wonderful Mother's Day! And I know what you mean, they seem to be more work than R&R, but also full of love. :)

  27. Oh, oh OH!!! Sheri, you're killing me w/the poo story... :p LOL!!!

    You seriously are the sweetest thing in the world. And this post/award is just proof. Yep, today I spent the day feeding, caring for, taxiing children everywhere---only to have them completely exhausted and CRANKY by the end of it... sigh. It's awesome, and I love them.

    Take care, and Happy Mother's day to you, too~ ((hugs))

  28. Oh I've had some poo-painting in the tub, but yours tops that!!!

    One of my favorite mom moments was when my first daughter was 18 months old, and her favorite place to play was in my underwear drawer. You can imagine all the embarrassing moments arising from this! Panty hats! The best was when she looped a bra strap over her head, and one of the hooks got stuck in the carpet. I entered the room to see her straining forward, trying to free herself from the bra trap!


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