Monday, June 27, 2011

MONDAY MUNCHIES: Watch Out for the Dog Doo!

Back by request, I'm here to contemplate with you Edition 2 of Monday Munchies ~ 5 thought provoking tabs you can ponder throughout the week.

Call them writing prompts, motivation, or maybe inspiration. Either way, if they make you think and write on then I've done my J.O.B.

1) I'm driving up an on-ramp to the highway the other day and as I approach what I call the time-to-merge the nearest car won't move into the passing lane. Really dude? What is up with that? Use a frustrating driving experience in a writing scene. It can be directly related to your MC or simply scenery.   

2) After I got over the above insult, I had to dodge an unpleasant sight of roadkill. Frankly, it looked like a massacre. Use something that makes you personally squeamish to describe one of your characters. 

3) The hubs and I watched a movie the other night once we got back from our NYC adventure. (Yeah, I've yet to share but I will.) I won't name the film, but it had a few nude scenes and a few that were quite violent. I felt repulsed, affronted as a woman, and disturbed. Think about a film you've watched that moved you in the opposite emotional direction than you expected. Use it. Write about it. Let it fuel you.

4) My family sat behind a young mother and her little guy, while attending Mass yesterday. His silly flirting, smirks, and giggles were some of the sweetest moments of my day. Add a tender moment to a scene you're writing.

5) While in NYC last week, my hubs and I were totally taken in by a comedian. We're strolling along Broadway with about eight million other people and suddenly we hear, "What the dog shit!" Yeah, the hubs and I literally jumped out of our skins and off the sidewalk. The dude got us. No dog doo. He did, however, offer us tickets to a comedy gig later that night. Incorporate the element of surprise into your manuscript.

Just like last week, feel free to suggest a Munchy in the comments that you'd like to see spotlighted. Once I accumulate enough, I'll start highlighting one of you each time I write up the prompts. Just make sure I can link to you.

Have an awesome writing & reading week, Alleywalkers!


  1. Great prompts! Movies often make me want to start writing, they get my creative juices flowing (though it sounds like in this case it may have had the opposite effect.)

  2. loved this! Esp. #1 - which I've experienced all too many times, perfect driver that I am - and #3, which occurred last night while watching The Walking Dead. There was a particularly gruesome scene.

  3. Drivers who go slowly in the fast line DRIVE ME CRAZY! Thanks for the prompts. :)

  4. Sounds like you had an interesting time in NYC!

  5. I <Bed the element of surprise. Do DooDoo! Look out! Now off to write that book. Maybe I'll incorporate some surprises. :-0

  6. Brilliant. Next time I feel the need to road rage, I will think of how to channel it into my writing. This is writer's therapy, for sure!

  7. Oooh, interesting writing prompts. Thanks!

  8. Love it once again!
    I totally didn't know you were in NYC! Would have loved to meet you (maybe?)! (Especially now with vacation.) Hope you enjoyed, though!

  9. Great writing prompts! Muse is buzzing already.

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