Friday, April 13, 2012

The Importance of a MUG

No, not someone's ugly mug. I'm talking about a literal MUG. You know, for coffee or hot chocolate. Maybe even for tea, ice cream, chowder or soup.

There are not many particulars in this world that I am finicky about. I'm rather liberal and will compromise on almost anything. Keeping the peace is a big thing with me. But don't be hoarding on my coffee MUG or you might find yourself flat on your back with a bloody nose.

A MUG must be weighty and stern. No flimsy or delicate MUG for me. I want something to grip a hold of and take in its comfort, not worry about breaking the ceramic. I prefer a plainer MUG, too. Fancy designs or flower arrangements just don't inspire me on a MUG. Now words might. Depends what they're communicating.

Humor always works for me, even if I'm in a chick MOOD. I'd never admit it out loud, though.

The MUG has been around for centuries, and has been made from many materials such as copper, tin, bone china, cheaper ceramic, and even stone. I can't imagine drinking any hot substance from a tin or metal MUG, but who am I?

Here's my favorite MUG of all time. The sucker holds approximately 3/4 of a full pot of coffee. I am totally in love with my MUG. Do you have a favorite MUG?

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  1. I switch around a bit. As long as it's big. My usual one is a Starbucks mug that's blue inside. I'm drinking coffee from a big mug right now!

  2. Mugs are great. But I like the flowery kind. No words for me.

  3. My favorite mug is the coffee mug my daughter got me. It says Mom on it. I also use a travel mug to drink tea because I drink it while writing and I'm afraid I'll spill it on the computer if it's not covered. ;)

  4. I have a couple of mugs. I mostly drink tea, but hot chocolate is a favorite too. No coffee for me. I never liked the taste of it.

  5. I don't have a favorite mug but I am a little picky. I don't care if the mug is huge because the coffee usually goes cold before I can drink that much! Coffee mugs make great gifts too!

  6. I don't have a favorite mug because I don't drink hot drinks. I have a favorite glass instead. :D

  7. I actually have two of them. They're both large. One is of a snowman (gift) and I use it in the winter. The other is just blue glass and I use it the rest of the time.

  8. I love mugs! But truth is the french coffees are so much smaller I barely ever use a real good old fashioned mug anymore. More like a thick tea cup;)

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  10. I have two mugs. One is my Cow mug. I've got this obsession with milk cows, I love the pattern. Anyways as a going away present to college my grandma got me this mug. I get mad if anyone uses it. Even guest which is so awful i know. I have another mug that says Believe on it. whenever I am in a writing rut or feeling down I drink out of it and feel better again. =)

  11. Mugs = Memories
    I have so many favorites, and each holds a memory. :)

  12. Oh, I have a beloved collection of mugs - every place I travel to I try to bring home a mug. My mug is my best friend in the morning - well, the mug and the hot sweet stuff inside of it!!

    My favorite mug (I don't have it yet, but I hope I can order it somewhere) is one that has a version of the harry Potter Maurauder's Map on it - because it combines three of my favorite M things: magic, maps and mugs!

  13. My favorite mug is white with blue poca-dots and Great Clips plasted across it. An I'm usually a tea drinker at home but enjoys a decaf Americana with room from Starbuck's.

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  14. In our house, mugs are for cocoa and cold wintery days or nights. I love to wrap my hands around them and feel their warmth. I, of course, have MY FAVORITE mug, and nobody is allowed to use it. I don't consider this selfish because others in my family have their favorites, too. We respect our MUGS!

    Did I miss L? I'm missing lots of stuff these days. Still am on my creaky laptop until I get my desktop repaired. *Sighs

  15. If I'm using a mug, it's for hot chocolate.

  16. I still drink coffee in a mug. I need lots of it, yanno?? And no one better use mine.

    You missed L??? I thought you were one day ahead of me in your La-la land. *wink*

  17. I do have a favorite and I tend to collect solid mugs. I like humor and a few have fun pictures or sayings. I didn't realize, until you mentioned it, I have non with cute flowers or decorations. Hmmm. Please don't offer me something delicate and tiny, lol!

    One of my favorites, and I used it on my blog last month, has a red head ala 50's style smiling nicely and saying, I haven't had my coffee yet. Don't make me kill you."

  18. I have two favourite mugs. One is for hot chocolate and it's HUGE. The other is for tea and it's sparkly. hehe

  19. I don't drink many hot drinks, so I don't have a favourite mug, but I like to drink out of mugs that are thin rather than feeling a thick piece of mug in my mouth every time I take a sip!

  20. You and I think alike when it comes to our Mugs! If somebody in my office takes mine...I will hunt them down!! :)

    1. YAY! I'm glad someone agrees with me!

  21. I don't really drink hot drinks, but when I do, I have a blue Winnie-the-Pooh mug that's round and tubby--perfect for wrapping cold hands around!

    J.C. Martin
    A to Z Blogger

  22. We have about five white mugs and I think they're all currently sitting on my desk! I have a habit of collecting them... :)


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