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Wistful YA Wednesday: Suck It Up and Die

Wistful YA Wednesday is a meme I started to explore all aspects of young adult literature. Feel free to join in. Today, I'm spotlighting a YA book, given to me over the summer. 

Title: Suck It Up and Die (sequel to Suck It Up)
Author: Brian Meehl
Genre: Urban Fantasy; paranormal
Publisher: Delacorte Press
Release Date: August 14, 2012
Pages: 416

I'd like to thank the publisher for supplying me with an ARC for an unbiased review.

Favorite Line/Passage: His gaze drifted to the steely water flowing past the bridge. He didn't know if he still had the vampire strength to leap over the lanes of traffic, make the water, drown, and let the fishy underworld have the last feed. If he didn't make the water, it would confirm he was mortal enough to land in traffic and be slammed around until he was roadkill. After that, he didn't care if they tossed his body in the river or stuck his head on a pike and delivered it to Becky-Dell

Description: Nearly two years after Suck It Up, all Morning McCobb wants is to complete his training at the NY Fire Academy and to stay head over heels in love with Portia for as long as the chronology-crossed lovers can, given that she's now eighteen and he's stalled at sixteen.

It's nearly the first anniversary of American Out Day, the historic day on which the Leaguer vampires of America began going mainstream without going bloodstream on their fellow mortal citizens.
The tension between Morning's wish for a simple, out of the spotlight life, and Portia's cinematic obsession with historic events escalates to the breaking point when a super-sinister vampire rises from the grave with a powerful thirst, for revenge.


My Splats: Refreshing changes to vampires melding in society without hiding in the shadows. 

This was a hard review for me, so I'll concentrate on the positive first. 

I'm a major fan of vampires and stories that find new parameters to place them in. The world created here accomplished both. Meehl's take on vampires, and their characteristics and interactions with the world was unique. They were a part of society. It almost reminded me of the theory on True Blood, the HBO series. Vampires were just another element that made humanity different, like race and religion. But of course, there were those folks who didn't agree with this accepting attitude. 

The story took on a political aspect, which divided society into all sorts of groups: VRA, Congress, MOPS, and IVLeague. It was a cool and refreshing view of vampires living among humans. There was also cyber-dating for groups like Lifers and Leaguers; I really liked this additive to the world created. Humor, with a quirky flare, also gave this vampire story a unique twist. 

Now saying that, some of the explanations of these groups were confusing and felt piece-mealed. I almost felt as if some information and scenes were put in to fill up space, while other information was kept for later. But for me, that wasn't effective; honestly, it kind of lost me. For instance: I liked the shorter chapters, but some short chapters didn't contain enough for me to bite onto and truly seep into a scene.

The story did pick up when a new conflict was introduced, complicating matters for both Morning and the world he occupied. He also had a really cool BFF, who made me laugh. Morning's dream to be normal and a respectable firefighter brought the story balance, as did his girlfriend who was making a documentary about the life of a vampire gone vegan. The idea of a Vampire Pride Parade was one of many creative ideas in this book.

If my thoughts confused you, I do apologize. This is one of those books that had so many amazingly unique ideas, but certain parts just didn't work for me - you know, personal style. So I'd recommend this story to any reader who appreciates humor, a new look on vampires melding into society, and any YA paranormal or urban fantasy lover.

Every read a book that twists your insides, as you try to figure out if you like it or not?


  1. Love the title for this. It really grabs you. And it sounds like it has some unique parts to it. Thanks for sharing about it.

  2. I like fresh looks at anything, but sometimes I'm 3/4 of the way through a book before it all clicks and I'm like...OH!!!

  3. For some reason the title didn't make me think of vampires at all, and I was disappointed when I found out that was what it was about because then the "Suck it..." seems trite. I'm pretty surprised Delacorte would pub a vamp novel, but I guess there are still some vampire romance fans out there. Your review was detailed and very fair, and I appreciate the info. Have a great weekend. :-)

  4. Oh my goodness, that cover is AWESOME! I'm totally chuckling. It's great when someone can put a completely new spin on the vampire thing, as long as it doesn't involve sparkles. ;)

  5. Interesting. yeah it doesn't really look like a paranormal book. I appreciate your honest review, Sheri.

  6. Interesting. yeah it doesn't really look like a paranormal book. I appreciate your honest review, Sheri.

  7. I do like humor and vampires. I may have to try it out!

  8. Actually I've read a lot of books lately that made me wonder how I felt about them. It's hard to review them when that happens, but you did a great job.

    1. Thanks, Kelly. It is hard when we're conflicted. I don't want to deter anyone else from reading it, because I did enjoy parts of it and I finished it. :)

  9. This sounds like so much fun! And my favorite Greek myth? I definitely love Persephone, but The Fates and the Muses all leave so much room for new stories :)


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