Thursday, September 25, 2014

YA Cover Reveal ~ FROZEN HEARTS by Topaz Winters!

One of the lovely bloggers/writers from over on YA Asylum is releasing her very own cover today. Congratulations to Topaz! 

I think the cover is just perfect for
the upcoming winter season!

Book Blurb:

“Rose, don’t try to tell me what’s real or not real. I live and breathe impossibilities.”

Rosalyn Lawrence is not the type of girl who strays from the norm. She’s not the type of girl who goes on whirlwind adventures or travels across the world and beyond or fights fire-breathing dragons to the death. After all, fairytales exist only in books, and Rosalyn is happy to keep it that way.

But when her beloved little brother Benjamin disappears, Rosalyn’s entire world comes crashing down. Then a boy with a wand climbs through her window and she learns that the grieving queen of a shockingly desolate enchanted land has abducted Benjamin. If she chooses to be sucked into the magic of this land, its power – and the power of an enemy she isn’t quite sure even exists – could destroy her.

A world of frozen fantasy is waiting for Rosalyn – and if she will succeed in bringing Benjamin home, she must learn how to trust herself, use her wits, and perhaps discover an inner magic she never knew she had.

TOPAZ WINTERS is a songbird, word hoarder, and cheesecake connoisseur. Sometimes she composes music. Other times she writes books. If she knows you, she’s probably written about you. Topaz’s debut novel, Frozen Hearts, drops this year, and her first album in 2015. She enjoys strong coffee, ugly cats, and the taste of words. 

Topaz rambles about writing, music, and the meaning of life over at her website.
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  1. Cool cover. And she's a guitarist - nice!

  2. Beautiful cover and it's an amazing fit for the title.

  3. Thank you so much for sharing the cover, Sheri! So incredibly excited for this. :D xxx

  4. Wow, that's quite a cover. Best wishes to Topaz.

  5. That's a beautiful, evocative cover. So soft yet icy. Congrats, and best wishes for Topaz on this release! :) I enjoyed the line: "She loves strong coffee, ugly cats, and the taste of words."


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