Monday, November 23, 2015

A Special Message From Me

When life gets away from you ... Be Thankful.

I've been a horrible blogger lately, and for that I'm terribly sorry. Personal confessions such as this are not ones I often use this platform for, but I wanted you to know that out of sight is not out of mind. 

I think about you often. I do. Each and everyone of you. I wonder where you are, how you're doing, and how your writing is going. For friends and readers, I wonder how life is treating you, what you're reading, and how you're getting along with both. And for the younger crowd, I wonder how you're doing in school or your studies. And if things are kind of blah for you, I hope and pray it turns around.

We all wait for that point, the one where things finally go our way. At the onset of this year, I'd stopped writing. The break up with my agent had left me frigid and without much writing motivation. But, as it usually does for those who write, the creative gene within me stirred for attention again. Long story short, soon after this things took a 360 degree turn.

I sold my YA story and a few short months later I sold my MG. As you probably have already guessed, that's why I'm so busy right now. I haven't even begun working with my editors yet, but I've been learning about marketing and promotion, been joining author co-opts and groups for debuts releasing in 2016, and reading nonstop about sequels and series because that's what I'm working on now - book II in my MG series' story. I've also been designing a professional website - which I can't wait to show you - plus creating a newsletter and offering up free material as a gift for all of you. I would never have stuck with writing if it wasn't for you.

Thus I want to thank you for being my cyber friends, beta readers & CPs (for those it applies), loyal supporters, encourage mongers, writing group buddies, snark buddies (for those of us who joke a bit too often - you know how you are), and truth tellers, who say it like it is when I need it. 

Whether you celebrate the American holiday of Thanksgiving or not, I am immensely grateful for you. Each one of you have helped me get to this place. Right here, right now. Thank you.

Warmest wishes today and always,

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