Wednesday, November 14, 2018

New Website! Spooky Middle Grade💀 & a GIVEAWAY!

I'm thrilled to announce the official launch of my new group of middle grade of authors!

👻Spooky Middle Grade💀

We are a group of middle grade authors that believe spooky books can be read and utilized all year long. 

Spooky books can help readers explore life lessons and themes through a slightly different lens. Readers can face fears within the safe confines of the pages. They'll see that there is a fun side to facing fears, doubts, and challenges, which ultimately instills the belief that they can overcome any obstacle - spooky or not.
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We're being featured over on MG Book Village! We'd love it if you'd take a peek and even share the post. TY!

Calling all Teachers & Librarians!

We offer FREE Spooky Skype Author Q&A classroom visits by four random members of our panel - all middle grade authors, who use spooky elements in their books.
Book your  visit NOW!

To celebrate our ghoulish group is holding a GIVEAWAY of Nine Signed Books & some book swag!

Gnawing at the bone to enter? Hop over to Twitter via this LINK!

Wednesday, November 7, 2018

IWSG ~ Creative Noggin

I'm here to add my thoughts on this month's Insecure Writer Support Group's pre-drafted question:

How has your creativity in life evolved since you began writing?

My first attempt at writing, nine years ago, was all about finding a safe (and yes, secret) arena to explore many emotions I'd kept hidden - more like, ignored - since my childhood. And fiction was a great place to do that. 

I've written my thoughts down in journals on and off again most of my life. For the most part, my journal entries are scattered and raw, bits and pieces of myself blotted on the page. Turning to fiction gave me a highway to organize all the feels, plant them in the fertile ground of a make believe character, and explore how these emotions could apply to said character - but really, also how they could apply to me. I can push to boundaries of any emotion through my creative license in hopes to inspire, encourage, and challenge the world.

So I guess you could say the creativity in my writing has evolved from a surface exploration of emotions/themes that affect most people to a much deeper and honest dissection of what makes people who they are and what motivates them to take action. I feel freer to take risks with characters and worlds. It's kind of cool realizing this. :) 

What says you? How has your creativity evolved?


Want to take part in the IWSG? Check it out here to join in and see other participants. 


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