Wednesday, April 19, 2017

#CoverReveal ~ #YOLO (Ruby Knight Chronicles Book 2) by K.M Pyne

 Hello Readers! Welcome to another Wistful YA post! 

Today, I'm participating in a cover reveal that is so much fun. I knew I had to share it with you after the moment I saw it. There's intrigue and detective work and ... Think Pretty Little Liars. ;)

So ...

... scroll down ...

... to take a peek ...




book 2 in the Ruby Knight Chronicles!
by K.M. Pyne
Release Date: May 8, 2017

Once again Ruby Knight finds herself dragged into her Mam’s World. This time someone at her school is out for revenge!
Ruby, along with her friends, have to work out who is murdering students ... Why they are murdering them? ... What do they ultimately want? At the same time relationships are made and some are broken, but will Ruby find the killer in time? Or will someone else have to perish at the hands of a killer?

This cover reveal has been brought to you by the awesome Chapter by Chapter Blog Tours! Well, uh ... and me. O_o

When Ruby Knight's best friend, Catriona Taylor disappears Ruby knows something isn’t right.
Time is ticking and the race is on to find Catriona. Has she run away? Is she really on a holiday with her parents? Has something more sinister happened to her?
These are the questions facing Ruby. Can she find Catriona? Can she ask her detective Mam for help? Or will she leave it too late?
Follow Ruby on her journey to find her best friend!
KM Pyne lives in Dublin, Ireland and this is her first YA book. There are sequels which are already written and some paranormal YA’s in the future. She is married, has two children and works full time. Writing is a hobby, but it takes over more and more of her life. Characters and stories come into her mind all the time and she has to stop and write them down so that she can build on them at a later date.

Haha! Yeah, I'm so majorly in love with this author! Can't wait to read this one. 
What's your favorite part about reading mysteries? 

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

IWSG~The Outer Skin

When you meet someone what strikes you first about them? Tone of voice, the color of their eyes, some unique physical feature? 

Regardless of your answer, you eventually move on to more deeper revelations about the person. You talk with them, sometimes share small talk, while other times find yourself drawn to tell a new acquaintance a more personal detail about yourself. Could be your opinion about a political issue, or maybe you and this 1st-time person share an experience of a loved one's illness or an encounter with a waitress or clerk at a store. Doesn't matter. Point is something about them made you stay and share time with them and look beyond their outer skin.

Same thing with with books, specifically book covers. What makes a book cover successful? For me I believe it has to pose some question that will make me open to the first pages. Then, just like that 1st-time person, those first pages must do their own work to keep me intrigued and flipping to the meat of the story. I've been pondering all this because my young adult cover is almost finalized and will be revealed soon. Nervous, insecure about its reveal? A little. Because what will readers think when they see it? What about it will intrigue them enough to open to the first pages and give them a chance to do their job - build a friendship with the reader? 

Splat Alert: I will be having sign ups to help me reveal the cover, so if you're interested in being one of my bookish helpers please stay tuned! 

(The purpose of the IWSG is to share and encourage, posting on the first Wednesday of each month. You'll find writer doubts and concerns without fear of appearing foolish or weak. Support and a common understanding spread throughout the group as many fellow writers can relate. Feel free to JOIN in anytime.)

On this wonderful subject of book covers, check out one cover that - in my opinion - does its job.

Fragments of Darkness
An Anthology of Thrilling Stories
Release date: September 13, 2017

Description: From between the cracks of imagination, among the splinters of the unknown, and upon the winds of mystery, lurk the Fragments of Darkness.

With legends of killer mermaids to tales of Civil War era ghosts, ten passionate story-tellers come together to bring you yarns of fantasy, paranormal, and chills and thrills that will entertain, intrigue, and enchant young adult and new adult readers.

Authors include: 
Lisa M. Basso -- Heart and Bone
C.L. Campbell -- Reckoner
Dorothy Dreyer -- Under the Surface 
Pat Esden -- Black as a Dark Moon, Scarlet as Sumac 
E.M. Fitch -- Between Shadows
R.A. Gates -- The Collector
Jessica Gunn -- The Ghost
Debra Jess -- Blood & Armor
Melanie McFarlane -- The Transgressions of Faithe Eileen 
Daphne René -- Story of the Unknown Soldier

Big congrats to all the authors! 

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Enjoy the rest of your week, everyone.


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