Monday, February 8, 2016

MMGM~BLUES BONES by Rick Starkey...Cover REVEAL!

Do you know the only reason I love Mondays??? Because I get to celebrate some of the most fabulous literature for the most prime readers of our young people - MIDDLE GRADERS!

I'm always excited to share any upcoming middle grade tale that I come across, but this one is more special to me than any other I've shared before.


Because the author is a fellow Leap Books Seek middle grade author! It's my first time saying that, and I'm so excited (and humbled) to be able to do so. Please give Rick and his wonderful MG tale a warm welcome. And remember to ENTER the Giveaway below for your chance to WIN an Amazon gift card!

Pre-Order Sale Price of just $2.99 – regular 
price starting March 7th

by Rick Starkey

Publisher: Leap Books Seek
Released Date: March 7, 2016
Genre: Middle Grade Paranormal
Pages: 119

Description: Thirteen-year-old Rodney Becker has found the perfect cure for stage fright. Voodoo! 

Armed with the stolen finger bones of a dead blues guitar player and a mishmash of voodoo spells from the Internet, he and his best friend enter a graveyard at midnight to perform their ritual. Now, all that stands in his way of winning a local guitar competition is the power of RETURN – a side effect of the voodoo that spells disaster for Rodney. 

His cure has become a curse. How else can he explain jamming his finger so bad he can't hold a guitar pick, his part-time dad stealing his guitar, and his mom getting into an accident that could have taken her life? 

How much is Rodney willing to risk to achieve his dream of being a guitar legend? 

Make sure to tell all your friends and friends who have middle grade readers about this one. And while your at it, add it to your GOODREADS list to read. I did! 

MEET Rick Starkey:
Rick Starkey is a graduate of the Institute of Children’s Literature. His main interest is writing novels for middle grade. Rick has sold short pieces to Highlights for Children including a game, magic tricks, and a short story. Knowing that most writers often wish that they had started their career earlier in life, Rick teaches a basic course for the Talented and Gifted Program (T.A.G.) at Walter’s State Community College in Morristown Tennessee. Rick’s students learn the basics of magazine submissions including cover and query letters, market research, and manuscript preparation. The T.A.G. program is for students grades 5 – 8 and come from seven counties in East Tennessee.
Rick lives in a 200-year-old log cabin in the Great Smoky Arts and Crafts Community in Gatlinburg, Tennessee, where he and his wife, Betty, own and run Make It Magic, a magic shop and craft store. A day in Rick’s life includes recommending and performing magic tricks for customers of all ages, carving a bear from a log with a chainsaw, and working on his next novel.

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Anyone know anything about VOODOO, ever researched it or read a book with it as a theme? And what about Voodoo dolls? #shivers

I'm thrilled to be part of MMGM ~ Shannon Messenger's genius plan to give middle grade reads their just due! Click HERE for the other participants.
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Wednesday, February 3, 2016

IWSG~Fasting It

We've all heard of fasting. You know, going without food for xyz period of time. Yeah, but that's not the fasting I'm talking about today. It's actually the total opposite. Fasting as in I'm gonna speed through this draft, kind of fasting it is what I mean. 

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I must completely draft book II in my MG series over the next four weeks, which means consuming more wordage in a short period of time than I've ever done before. 

Feeling a little stressed and insecure, am I? Why yes, thank you for asking. But I'm also feeling empowered. 

Writing is like everything else in life. It's an opportunity to grow and learn more about ourselves as individuals and our place in the grand tapestry of existence. How will I ever grow if I won't push myself? I won't. I'm at a stage in my writing life where it's time I reach for that next hurdle and become more. A lot of pulled muscles and grumbling may be involved, but I'll heal. So if I'm a tad scarce over the next few weeks this is the reason. Feel free to drop by any of my social media outlets to offer a word of advice, encouragement, or even some cyber chocolate. Wine works, too. 

Anyone ever fast drafted a novel? How long did it really take you for how much wordage? Any tips? 

The purpose of the IWSG is to share and encourage, posting on the first Wednesday of each month. You'll find writer doubts and concerns without fear of appearing foolish or weak. Support and a common understanding spread throughout the group as many fellow writers can relate. Feel free to JOIN in anytime.


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