Wednesday, July 6, 2022

IWSG ~ Living In A Fictional World

Hi Everyone! I've been away for a bit. Nothing new to share other than our fourth kiddo graduated from high school. YAY! We can finally put his high school Covid experience behind him. He had a tough time. Other kids had a tough time. I'm sure someone you know of or maybe your kids had a tough time. 

When you step back for a minute to get a better view of the past 2 1/2 years, it's not hard to see that we really were all in this together. I hope we never, ever forget that.

Okay, moving on to this month's Insecure Writer's Support Group's (optional) question:
If you could live in any book world, which one would you choose?


Need I say more???

No, seriously. When I was really little, I was a night owl. Okay, so I still am. I loved staying up late because that was when my imagination came to life. I'd imagine my bed being a car speeding along the track at a NASCAR race. Or a ship sailing the ocean blue to some far off land yet to be discovered. And, of course, my bed became a magic carpet, where I picked up a dancing monkey, a kangaroo that played poker, and a horse that sang. But the best make believe always came with whatever rested behind my closet door. So when I found out about the wardrobe in Narnia . . . yup, I was done. And then there was all the amazing landscapes and characters and conflicts, not to mention all the Christian metaphors and parallels - this, without a doubt, would be my ideal book world to live in.

*My second would be WHERE THE WILD THINGS LIVE 

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Jenni Enzor, and Diane Burton!
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What about you? Please share. I'd love to chat! (Been missing everyone.)




  1. Been a few people picking Narnia today. It was in the running for me.
    Being a kid the past couple years had to be a nightmare... Well done to your son.

  2. I forgot about Narnia! That was another world I loved as a kid. Oh, I remember climbing into our hall closet trying to find something at the other end. :)
    Congrats to your son and you too! What an accomplishment, especially in these crazy times.

  3. Narnia is a great choice. Congrats on your son graduating from high school.

  4. Narnia was my choice! Talking animals and God - what could be better?

  5. Hi Sheri - congratulations on your kiddo reaching the end ... you all must be pleased. I must re-read Narnia ... cheers Hilary

  6. I'd forgotten about Narnia, but what a great choice! Congrats on your last one getting through high school. I have a few years to go, still, but am already wondering how much things will change, then.

  7. your title made me start singing ‘Living in a Material World’ with Fictional instead - perfect! and I love your choices =D
    my last one just graduated too — now on to college!
    and i just got covid again two weeks ago... just a summer cold, but bleh! glad it’s over
    hope you’re having a great summer!

    Tara Tyler Talks


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